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Free Printable Habit Trackers: 20 Places to Find Them

How many habits, good or bad, do you have, mama?

It’s been proven that almost 45% of our actions throughout the day are done automatically – our brains automate behaviors into habits in order to save energy.

But before you blame your lazy brain for all of the bad habits you exhibit throughout the day, this is actually good news!

It means that you can train your brain to pick up good habits too.

30 Side Hustle Ideas for Stay at Home Moms

Being able to stay at home with your children is an amazing opportunity for moms.

However, sometimes this isn’t financially feasible. Either one income isn’t enough to make ends meet or you want some additional money to spend or save for future goals.

Luckily, you don’t need to leave your home in order to make some extra money. With side hustles, both online and offline, you can enjoy your time at home with your kiddos while earning an income.

Don’t believe me?

22 Top Toddler Activity Blogs for 2023

When you’re a mom you’re supposed to be able to come up with fun and exciting ways to entertain your toddler at the drop of a hat, right?

Yeah, that’s not necessarily programmed into our mom coding.

Especially for moms who blog and work from home.

We’re busy enough trying to sort out our own stuff but we have to keep our toddlers busy too?

25 Direct Sales Companies for Moms Who Want to Work From Home

 Many moms in my Facebook group are wanting ways to make an income from home.

They were let from their job or their husband was let go.

Many of you might be thinking that starting a blog or business is a way to make money and you are right!

15 Easy & Simple Side Jobs for Moms (To Do at Home)

Hey mamas!

Are you tired of spending your days feeling like the only thing you do is clean and argue with your toddler about why they can’t eat your candy stash?

Before I did what I’m doing now (blogging) I was a mom machine changing 20 diapers a day, feeding twins around the clock and oh, not sleeping a wink because each twin would wake up at night at completely different times (I have no idea how one twin can sleep through crying when the other woke up!).

I knew after a while, I needed to do more than sing Baa Baa black sheep and only talk about the twins to my husband.

And this blogging side job entered my life and I haven’t looked back!

How to Work From Home While You Have Kids

Mama, are you interested in the work from home life?

More moms have recently taken on the role of WAHM (work at home moms).

Whether you have chosen to work from home or have to out of necessity, being productive can be a challenge.

Especially when you are still on mom duty.

16 Pinterest Crafts for Kids to Do At Home

Have you recently started working from home, mama?

I’ve been doing this for 6 years now and one challenge I still have is making sure my twins were having fun while I work.

And with summer knocking at our doors, kids are certainly going to need more activities to keep them occupied while you work on your blog or at-home business.

17 At Home Activities For Kids When They Are Super Bored

Stuck at home?

Luckily warm weather, spring weather & summer weather are arriving.

And you know what that means mama?

13 Brilliant Homeschool Blogs to Help Teach Your Child

Are you a stay at home that homeschools?

Let me just bow down to you!

I’ve been homeschooling my kids for the last month and it’s challenging to say the least! But, I enjoy the learning time I have with my twins!

There are many reasons that parents choose to homeschool their children; religious, political, convenience, location independence, and so forth.

8 Essential Ways to Make Being a Mom at Home Easier

To put it simply, being a stay-at-home mom is a unique challenge.

Okay, it’s a crazy mess a lot of the time. Just when you think your work is done for the day, you turn around to see there’s a load of laundry you haven’t folded and your child starts crying in their sleep and needs a million hugs and 100 drinks of water.