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16 Pinterest Crafts for Kids to Do At Home

Have you recently started working from home, mama?

I’ve been doing this for 6 years now and one challenge I still have is making sure my twins were having fun while I work.

And with summer knocking at our doors, kids are certainly going to need more activities to keep them occupied while you work on your blog or at-home business.

17 At Home Activities For Kids When They Are Super Bored

Stuck at home?

Luckily warm weather, spring weather & summer weather are arriving.

And you know what that means mama?

13 Brilliant Homeschool Blogs to Help Teach Your Child

Are you a stay at home that homeschools?

Let me just bow down to you!

I’ve been homeschooling my kids for the last month and it’s challenging to say the least! But, I enjoy the learning time I have with my twins!

There are many reasons that parents choose to homeschool their children; religious, political, convenience, location independence, and so forth.

8 Essential Ways to Make Being a Mom at Home Easier

To put it simply, being a stay-at-home mom is a unique challenge.

Okay, it’s a crazy mess a lot of the time. Just when you think your work is done for the day, you turn around to see there’s a load of laundry you haven’t folded and your child starts crying in their sleep and needs a million hugs and 100 drinks of water.

91 Indoor Games for Kids (So Mom Can Work from Home)

Working from home sounds like a dream but, when you have your wonderful children running underfoot, getting anything done can be a huge challenge, right?

I work from home and have twins and when my twins are home, productivity goes down.

But, when this happens, I am ready with indoor games for kids!

10 Legit Work at Home Jobs for Moms

Are you a mom wanting to work from home for good?

I’ve been a work at home mom for six years now and I absolutely love it.

I started when my twins were around 15 months old and they just turned 7 years old.

The Best Dave Ramsey Money Tips for New Side Hustlers

One of life’s biggest changes, when it comes to personal finance, is when you start a side hustle as a parent.

When my twins were around a year old, I decided to try to work from home.

I sent out flyers for my service to help children with autism by creating a curriculum for the family to implement.

15 Easy Jobs That Pay Well for Moms (+ Hourly Rates) for 2023

When I started blogging six years ago, I never knew that I could actually make enough money to stay home for good.

I was only thinking of making enough income to cover bills and extra curricular activities for the twins – with jobs that pay well.

Not enough to buy a home or travel.

Not enough to invest with or set up saving accounts for my twins.

20 Vital Work At Home Tips for Moms

Are you interesting in working at home as a mom blogger?

The picture of work at home moms is a beautiful one.

You might imagine that you type out perfect blog posts while your sweet toddler snuggles quietly on your lap.

Or perhaps you envision waking up extra early to conquer your business tasks for the day before your kids and husband are even up.

32 Legit Stay At Home Mom Jobs for 2023 (Scam Free)

Are you a mom wanting to get into some awesome stay at home mom jobs?

Where I live, you get up to a year off for maternity. I’m so glad I had that time with my twins.

But, one thing that lingered was how to contribute to my finances once my maternity leave ended.

I needed to find a ways to make money as a stay at home mom.