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How I Organize My Work While Taking Care of Twins

It’s 8 a.m. on a Monday morning and my twins are watching Paw Patrol while having their morning milk and I’m having my coffee and trying to type this.

My twins are three and I work from home. When I tell people or other bloggers in Facebook groups or Twitter they are often surprised at how much I’m doing.

It’s true. My plate is full to the max. I have three other blogs – FreelancerFAQs, LifeStyleBody and my freelance writing blog over at ElnaCain – and I also write for clients and have a course for new writers too!

And I have twins to take care of.

8 Challenges to Working From Home (With Small Children)

I love working from home.

I have the freedom to structure my day the way I want.

I can wear sweats all day, stay inside all day and if I want to take a day off, I can.

5 Time Saving Tips to Work at Home When You’re Sick

I’m sick.

I have a sinus infection. My throat is on fire, my head is throbbing, but I have to work. And I have to take care of my twin toddlers.