How to Balance a Blog and Being a Mom

You started a blog as a mom and are excited for blogging and getting to know other bloggers.


But, then, life goes on, and you realize you really don’t have time for a blog.

A week turns into a month, and before you know it, it’s been six months since you wrote your last blog post.

And the eBook you want to write isn’t even halfway done.

I’ve been blogging for five years now, and my twins are six years old.

Oh, and not to forget – I also have 7+ blogs I manage, 2 Facebook pages, 2 Facebook groups, and I’m a freelance writer, so I write blog posts for big brands.

Some people may be wondering, how can I do this all?

I don’t have a VA either!

So, how do I do this?

I thought I would share with you how I balance my blogs and being a mom in this post and hopefully inspire you to keep on blogging!

I Have Help

There would be absolutely no way for me to do what I’m doing without my husband.

He is the bulk of my help, and I’m forever grateful for that. When the twins started school, my husband decided to be more involved in my business. He manages customer support, all the tech issues that arise monthly, updating my WordPress blogs, manages affiliates, and so much more.

This leaves me to be creative – my strength.

I can focus on writing, networking, and creating valuable content for my followers.

But, you might be thinking, how can I write a blog post for all seven of my blogs?

I don’t. Not all my sites need recurring content, and two of them are contributor blogs.

But, I do have a small team of writers to help me create content for my niche blogs. I personally write for Twins Mommy and Elna Cain as these are my main sites and my main brand builders.

And let’s not forget the grandparents! They help with childcare once a week, and if one twin is sick, they are more than happy to pick up the other twin from school and watch over them.

This upcoming Friday is a Pro-D day, which is a teacher professional development day and no school for the kids.

The grandparents will take the twins and do a sleepover. So this gives me time for more work and to spend time with hubby!

I Use Days

Since my twins are in school Monday-Friday, these are the days I do my work.

My twins are at school from 9 am until I leave the house at 3 pm to pick them up. This gives me six hours a day – 30 hours a week to build two businesses.

I also sometimes work at night as well, but only for an hour or two if I need to finish projects.

Since I have several projects, I use days to denote what blog I work on.

Generally, Thursdays are Smart Mom Ideas days, and Fridays are Imperfectly Perfect Mama days. The rest of the week is split between Twins Mommy and Elna Cain.

I recently did a blog challenge where I wrote a blog post every day. This meant I would focus on one blog every day, and I did for Twins Mommy. I wrote for 10 days straight.

But, the writing bug was in me, and I decided to continue my blog challenge on Elna Cain. However, I managed to only write for 4 days straight, due to personal reasons interfering.

A typical work schedule is:

  • 9am-12pm – email/social (welcome new course members) and write a blog post/pin graphic
  • 12-1pm – lunch break (walk, talk to hubby, chores, social)
  • 1-3pm – format blog posts for my blogs, pin graphics, work on course lessons
  • 3-8pm – mom time and chores

If I find I don’t get all my work done during the day, I do have the option to work at night when my twins are in bed, but I’m finding that I need this time to prep for the next day and tie any loose ends.

I also use night time for more education time and client time.

If I’m knee-deep in course lessons, then I use my lunch break and night time to create those lessons.

And, of course, my schedule isn’t set in stone. It’s highly flexible.

Any big projects are noted in my Bullet Journal and if anything comes up – like picking up two major freelance writing clients – then I adjust.

I Automate and Delegate As Much As I Can

I could not have grown several blogs at once without automating some processes and delegating tasks.

Tailwind and Buffer are the two social media automation tools I use.

This also helps me with posting in my Facebook groups.

While I try to be active in both my groups every day, there might be several days where I am not active in my groups and I rely on group members to help me “police” my group.

I’m forever grateful to the handful of mom bloggers that want to make Mom to Mompreneur a promotion free group.

A big thing I’m working on is delegating tasks to other people. I can give content topics to writers, but I’m working on delegating more tasks to a VA.

I have a “VA,” but I haven’t given her any tasks. It could be a controlling issue, or I’m just not ready. I like the balance I have created!

I Focus on the Big Three

If it were up to me, I would spend all my time writing!

I love writing blog posts!

But I can’t. I might have 10 emails from course students, or have to welcome 20 new students or look over a contract from a freelance writing client.

I also have to look at the big picture – what are my blogging goals for the year?

So, for me to prioritize, I focus on a day and pick three big tasks for that day.

They can be business related or personal/family related.

For example, today’s big three are:

  • Call for an eye exam
  • Write a blog post for Twins Mommy
  • Solidify summer activities for twins this summer

As long as I accomplish these tasks, I feel great! That I’m more productive!

Work Ends at 3:30 pm

I work on not bleeding work into my time as a mom. I am back to mom mode at 3:30 pm and focus on the house, chores, and the twins during this time.

This is helping me form a meal plan since the twins have soccer two times a week and we have to be on our game for those nights!

But, I do know for many new bloggers, the idea of blogging and making money online is so amazing that you end up constantly thinking about it! I was like that for the first year of blogging and had to learn to stop business when I was done with “work.”

My husband and I also set our work days and make it a point to end at that time every day. Some days I’m pulling my husband out of the office or he’s doing that to me, and it’s a challenge for sure!

Weekends are Family Time

The weekends are mostly family time and organizing the house.

This is where I catch up if I missed some chores during the week, and it’s a time to have fun with the twins.

But, we still do some blogging over the weekend – usually when the twins are in bed or early morning – but mostly my husband is using this time.

It’s Possible to Balance it All

Balancing everything as a working mom is a struggle.

Now, throw in a blog, and you have a lot on your plate, mama!

My journey into blogging happened when I was a stay-at-home mom, so my perspective might be a little different.

I’m not sure I would have started blogging if I had a traditional job outside the home.

If you just started a mom blog, focus on the big three, and consider automating some of your tasks!

How do you balance a blog and being a mom?

Share in the comments!

And please remember to pin me!

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Thank you for sharing your schedule! Reading this post I found myself shaking my head in agreement. You were hitting all of my blogging pain points, but I needed that! I have a 10 year old who is in school from 9-3:30 as well. Your schedule is so very doable for me at this point in my life. This outline of your work days is the encouragement and jumping off point I needed. I always learn something valuable when I visit your blog. Thanks!!Reply to holly
Hi Holly! Thanks so much! So happy my blog schedule is something you can incorporate in your work at home day. It’s a challenge for sure. Now that my twins are out of school, I have to keep them busy with some device time and play time in the morning so I can get some work done and then spend the rest of the day creating wonderful memories! I remember my why in all of this and am so blessed that I’m able to do this. And I know you can also! With the right schedule and motivation, you can achieve your goals! Thanks for stopping by!Reply to Elna
Thank you so much for that. I just retired and have a 5 year old at home during the day part time now that is summer and school is out. and a 3 year old after 2 when she gets out of daycare. Now the 5 year old I can keep him quite for an hour or so, when he is at the house. (my grandson) now when he’s not here I have all day to work while the two year old is out. after 2 it’s over. so I just close down shop for the day.Reply to Millz
Hi Millz! That’s great to hear! Yes, having little ones at home is a challenge. I had a hard time with Twins Mommy when my twins were younger and not in school! I blogged when they napped and went to bed and that was it! I couldn’t do anything else while they were awake! But, for this summer, they will be older and can do more independent tasks so I’m looking forward to working during the day!Reply to Elna
Wow! I love how you set time and schedule in working for your blog. Recently, i felt overwhelmed that I ended up not doing something. That’s when I started planning and lowering down my expectations. I used to aim for 3 posts a week and now I felt better to bring it down to 2 and the other days will be on guest posting, collaborations and reviewing of some courses. Thanks for sharing your advices.Reply to Mitchelle
Hi Michelle, Glad you enjoyed my process for the day as a full-time blogger! That’s awesome you have your to-do’s set in your day! Good luck growing your blog!Reply to Elna
Hi Elna, Yes, this is what I struggle with the most too… balancing it ALL! I homeschool my kiddos, so during the weekdays, I find it hard to find time to blog during the daytime hours, and usually end up blogging at night when everyone’s asleep. But now that we are on Summer Break, I’m hoping to come up with some sort of schedule to help me balance all this. Thanks for the helpful blog post as always!! -CherelleReply to Cherelle
Hi Cherelle, Yes! I know what you mean. I’m the same way and with summer it WILL be hard, but my twins are getting better. They are 6 years old and can occupy themselves for longer periods of time. Unfortunately, they don’t always play together. I’m hoping the activities and water play in the backyard will occupy them and give me time to blog on the deck! I’m sure you’ll do well and find the time to blog!Reply to Elna
I love this post! I see how great you are at blogging, and it’s relieving knowing that your schedule isn’t set in stone and need to find time to do what you do. It’s crazy it seems like every email or post I see of yours, you’re reading my mind LOL. I LOVE your pinterest schedule and blog schedule- Traffic Planner! It’s practical and easy to use. Your planner helped me form my schedule and I make sure I follow the daily tasks in yours. I have 4 boys 5, 3, 20 mo old twins, and I do Rover-dog boarding. But I feel like I finally have a good schedule and to where if I need to change things around it won’t totally throw me off. Example: I do 5am-6am-Pinterest/tailwind 630-7- create a pin, 7-830 outline blog, something like that. Then 830-1230 I do house stuff/kids/lunch time. 1230-330 quiet time/work (as much as I can big boys don’t nap LOL), 330-830 dinner/bath/chores. 830-1230 work. But your planner has helped so much! Thank you!Reply to Maria
Hi Maria, Wow! What a great schedule! See – you wake up BEFORE the kids…I can’t do that! I’m more of a night owl and can work until midnight…but then I see you do that too! Super mama!! And thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. I know I’ll be blogging more on this type of topic – being more productive, time management and schedules – more during the summer so keep your eye out for them! 🙂Reply to Elna
Thanks for these tips! Being a mom blogger can be exhausting. I like how you have certain days for each blog. Having an end time works as well. One can keep going once that inspiration hits.Reply to Cristy
Hi Cristy, You’re welcome! Yes, that end time is REALLY hard for me! But, it’s getting better because my husband is also ending his day too…this helps! But, yea, by 9pm I’m spent and can’t think!Reply to Elna
These are great tips for those of us who are doing the mom thing and trying to do the blog thing. I’m trying to fit blogging alongside running my freelancing business and it’s tough because I only want to work on my blog like all the time but I have to keep up with my clients’ needs. I’m trying to focus on what I am getting done with blogging each day instead of being frustrated with what I’m not doing.Reply to Rebecca
Hi Rebecca, I know what you mean! I just picked up two new clients and I’m trying my best to devote to those clients, but it’s hard when I want to focus on my blogs and video marketing! It’s all balance though. Thursday will be my client day for this week and then that gives me permission to focus on my blogs the other days!Reply to Elna