How to Create a To-Do List to Tackle Those Big Projects

If you’ve ever sat and daydreamed about creating that amazing course idea, but weren’t exactly sure how to get started, this post is for you.

Whatever your big dream or project is, I believe the way to make it happen lies in the humble to-do list.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Me love me some planners, but the way I use them mostly is to chart out the specific tasks I need to reach my goals.

The right kind of to-do list can lift your goal out of the wasted hours of day-to-day life and put it as a priority that happens rain or shine – bringing you ever closer and closer to achieving the dream of making a living as a blogger!

But, I didn’t arrive to this conclusion right away.

When I started Twins Mommy, I had no goals or no to-do lists.

I just knew I had to create blog posts and grow an audience. But, once I started creating my to-do list, my productivity shot through the roof. Every day was hyper focussed on the tasks I needed to do for my business and home.

Look At the Big Picture

Think of all the things you want for your blog  and business.

Is there one that stands out to you? Something that you have always wanted but just never got underway? Don’t be afraid to dream big.

Letting your fears go is big for this step to be successful. Stop thinking that your big course idea will flop or that your next email freebie won’t convert.

Instead, think big and believe in your ideas!

To demonstrate this process, I will use the goal example of wanting to create a course, but the steps will be the same for any goal that you have.

Get Detailed

With your large goal in mind, write a list of all the things you will need to do to accomplish it.

For a budding blogger with a goal of creating their first course, this list might look something like this:

  • outline your course idea
  • flesh out your modules and lessons
  • research course platforms and video equipment
  • spend lots of time writing
  • get better at editing
  • learn how to find beta-readers for your course
  • learn how to format your course lessons for maximum engagement
  • learn how to promote and sell the course, etc.
  • start thinking about your sales page

Don’t let it overwhelm you – you don’t have to get it all done at the same time.

Big dreams are achievable when you learn to let it be a process and not something to just cross off the bucket list.

Divide and Conquer

A large project can feel overwhelming really quickly, but when you divide it down into steps, you will know what to focus your time and energy on.

And you will be more likely to achieve your goal because you won’t throw your hands up after getting started because it feels like too much.

Begin by thinking of your year in quarters, 4 quarters in a year and 3 months in a quarter.

This is how I have my Goal Setting Planner set up!

During each quarter of the year, you will focus on one large goal that will get you closer to your main goal.

For the example of creating your course, quarter one could be brainstorming course lesson ideas and creating a loose outline, quarter two could be writing a quick rough draft, quarter three could be recording video lessons, quarter four could be editing it the best you can and finding beta-readers. And so on.

Yes, it’s a long time line, but you can always work this as a 6 month timeline for your course.

This is what I did when I was creating my freelance writing course.

It’s easier to focus your mind on one smaller goal than trying to juggle all the goals at once.

Next, divide each quarter’s goals into 3 monthly goals, and from there divide each monthly goal into 4 weekly goals. Then each weekly goal into daily bite size actions.

For example:

  • Quarter One- brainstorming course lesson ideas
  • Month one- Outline all the modules & bonus material
  • Week one- Brainstorm ideas on paper and choose possible course lessons
  • Day one- Get a journal, do a story idea brain dump, and make some brainstorming webs

Work At You To-Do List Daily

Planning like this helps you to create big picture to-do lists and daily to-do lists that keep you on track.

Every day, you will be taking small steps toward achieving your giant dream goal or launching your first product.

This way you will always know what is most important to do today so you can accomplish your large goals in the long run.

To make it happen, make an appointment with yourself each day when you will work on your daily slice of the goal, and keep that appointment.

For me, I always write and work on my blogging goals during the morning.

At night, I start planning for tomorrow’s to-do list and break that down into manageable steps.

During this time I also think about my other blogs and manage the content for those sites too!

Every day, rain or shine, I am there.

I’m not going to lie; this is hard for a mom with twins and now 9 blogs! I get plagued with writer’s block when I have TOO much on my plate and I stop everything.

I easily get distracted by social media and video.

But, you know what?

I plan for that! I make it a point to have those blocks of time to let loose and fill my creativity since I rely on this 100% .

When I get my daily goal done, I know I am one step closer to achieving my big dream of passive income, and that feels amazing and helps motivate me to keep going.

Now you can turn your long-daydreamed-about big life goals into small daily habits and finally make them happen.

Over to you – what works the best to accomplish your big goals? Share with me in the comments!

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Hi Elna, congratulations on your twins and the inspiration you are to soooo many who want to start on a road to independence and achievement!!! I am not a mother….. Only a 67 year young grandfather by the name of Andre Carstens. A few weeks ago my daughter blessed my wifie and i with Wi-fi. It opened a WHOLE new world for me!!!! One of the AWESOME apps i discovered is Pinterest! From the word go i started saving pins like there is no tomorrow…. Until i hit your pin on how to make a To do List. It stopped me in my tracks… Suddenly it hit me… This is where it all begins…. From saving pins to actually opening them and start applying them. Wow, your article was the only one powerful enough to shake me into the realization that i have to stop just saving and take the next step! Thank you and may you be BLESSED to grow into that powerful inspiration for millions!!!Reply to Andre
Hi Andre, I welcome any person to my blog so thanks for taking the time to read this post. Glad you are finding fun in Pinning! So glad you took the time to read my post and found it helpful!Reply to Elna