30 Websites that Pay Up to $700 For a Blog Post

Feeling like you don’t know where to start with making money with your blog?

There are so many ways to monetize your blog, but I know of a faster and much easier way to start making money online.

Want to know what it is?

It’s getting paid to blog!

Yes! As a freelance writer, I get paid to blog and I love it.

Now, you don’t need to be a fully-fledged freelance writer to take advantage of these paid submissions.

Moms and bloggers can definitely try getting paid for their writing!

I rounded up a list of 30 websites that can pay up to $700 for a blog post!

Imagine picking up 3 or 4 of those gigs in a month?

Almost $3k from guest blogging in a month! Sweet!

Let’s dive in and look at these submission pieces.

30 Sites that Pay

1. Cracked

Cracked pays writers if they are “good,” but they don’t define their idea of a good writer further.

This can be a fun site to write for since it covers many subjects, including pop culture and movies. Word on the street is that they pay $250 per piece.

Make sure to check out their blog posts to see the type of topics they publish on their site.

2. Funds for Writers

Freelance submissions for Funds for Writers are preferred to be 500-600 words. Pay is $50 for original pieces and $15 for reprints.

They do stress no “fluff” style writing and to make each word count since these are short submissions.

All topics should be about earning a living as a writer – fiction and nonfiction.

3. Western Art & Culture

This magazine is for art collectors. They have several categories around art like western landmark, best of the west or artist’s spotlight.

You can get paid between $400-600 with this publication.

4. Listverse

Love making lists? You can get paid $100 for your lists at Listverse. Check out their site to ensure your desired topic isn’t already covered. They answer every submission, even if it is rejected.

5. Motherly

Share your parenting stories with Motherly. They are looking for parenting topics covered in a fresh perspective. Make sure to read through their site and guidelines. Pay starts after two submissions and after that it’s $50 a post.

6. RankPay

RankPay pays writers $50 for articles on SEO content marketing and social media.

If you understand SEO principles as well as have evidence that your blog or your client’s blogs are ranking for certain keywords, then you can guest post on RankPay.

7. B Michelle Pippin

B Michelle Pippin’s site helps women in small businesses make profits. If this is in your wheelhouse or you have a small business with some little known tactics to make money, then you can guest post here.

B Michelle Pippin is looking for career articles if you are an expert in your field. Pay is $50-150 per piece. You must query first.

8. Make A Living Writing

Do have a passion for writing? Whether it’s fiction writing, blogging, freelance writing or script writing, there are writing blogs for you! Make a Living Writing will publish your guest post if it can help writers make an income.

Make A Living Writing pays $75-150 per article on specific writing topics.

9. Reader’s Digest

Reader’s Digest allows people to share their personal stories and get paid about $100.

How cool is that? Reader’s Digest is a popular magazine and your brand can reach millions of people!

10. Horse Network

Do you have a horse or just love horses?

Horse Network wants horse-related articles. The pay is $50 per accepted piece and $100 if your article is shared more than 1,000 times on social media.

11. Money Crashers

Money Crashers is a finance site that covers mortgages, investing, credit and debt, retirement planning and more.

They do pay for guest post with a base rate, but they don’t publish this rate.

12. Carve Magazine

Are you a hidden author? While you’re writing your book, you can get paid for some fiction writing.

Carve pays $100 for fictional stories. You can submit your story for free through mail or pay $3 to submit it online.

13. A Fine Parent

Want to share a few practical parenting tips with some avid readers out there? Submit an article to A Fine Parent and they’ll pay up to $50 dollars. Note that submissions are closed for a few months.

14. Sail Magazine

This magazine is for lovers of sailing. If you are the same, you can get paid between $200-$800 for a guest post.

15. Backc0untry

Backcountry is a sports magazine focussing on snow boarding and everything associated with that sport.

If your family goes on holiday and you’re familiar with snow boarding, you can contribute to this magazine. They generally pay $.35/word and they stress that they want a story that’s original.

16. AListApart

AListApart is a blog that covers web design matters. Submit an article; just don’t make it sound like a sales pitch or a press release.

While they don’t specify on their page, other writers have said they pay $50 per mini-article, $100 per article, and $200 per feature.

17. WordCandy

Interested in getting a recurring contributorship that pays?

WordPress experts can find writing gigs at WordCandy. They pay on the lower end of six cents per word, but are looking for 1,200-word articles, which comes out to $72 per article.

Not bad if this is a side hustle!

18. PTO Today

This is a magazine that caters to parent-teacher organizers in k-8 schools.

The magazine focusses on how to run meetings, raising money strategies, and tips to enhance a child’s education and experience at school.

Pay is based on each assignment and is at little as $150 for smaller pieces to upwards of $700 for feature articles.

19. We Are Teachers

Are you a teacher?

If you have a funny or inspirational story about teaching, you can submit your idea to We Are Teachers.

They pay $100 for up to a 700-word blog post.

20. IWA Wine Blog

IWA speaks everything wine, from accessories and how to store it, this is the ideal if love wine (and who doesn’t?)!

The pay starts at $50 per article.

21. Bible Advocate Online

If you are a Christian blogger you can grow your brand and audience by guest posting on faith-based sites. The Bible Advocate Online is one such place.

Their focus for their content is the ministry of reconciliation.

They pays up to $65 for articles.

22. Communication Arts

Communication Arts is a magazine about design, photography, typography, advertising and illustrations.

If you are a photography blogger or offer website design, you could guest post on for this magazine.

They seek ethical pieces on social issues in the design community. They also want articles on emerging trends and tools and even encourage round ups of items within a particular subject.

The amount of pay isn’t mentioned, but they do pay competitive rates that are negotiated when you pitch your ideas.

23. Great Escape

Great Escape is a site about how to get paid to travel. If you want to travel or you enjoy travel and are a travel blogger, this is a great way to share your experience, grow your audience and get paid for it!

Great Escape pays $50-$75 for articles they request for the website, $100-$150 for interviews and personal stories, and $150-$200 for articles with specific income advice a reader can print and follow to earn more income.

24. Doctor of Credit

Are you a financial blogger? Write about credit or even some personal finance topics? You can guest post on Doctor of Credit.

Doctor of Credit pays $50 per post and prefer posts over 600 words. The types of blog post ideas they like are things on credit score information, sign up bonuses to banks or credit cards, and free money opportunities.

25. The Revelator

The Revelator is a magazine that shares information on climate change, conservation, pollution, wildlife and more. Pay is up to $500.

26. Money Pantry

Money Pantry pays up to $150 for articles on saving money or earning money. This is a great site to get paid for blogging if you’re a new mom blogger!

27. Serious Eats

Are you a food blogger? Do you have a category for recipes on your lifestyle blog? Well, why not try and guest post won a food publication?

Serious Eats at Medium pays $100 per food related article like cooking, food and eating topics.

28. The American Gardener

The American Gardener is the official publication for the American Horticultural Society. Articles are angled for amateur gardeners and covers topics ranging from designing your garden to the history of gardening.

To write for this publication, you can get paid up to $600.

29. The Counter

The Counter is a publication about on food. They cover food safety, the food supply chain, nutrition and more. Payment is between $300-$500.

30. ClarkesWorld

ClarkesWorld is for science fiction fans who are interested in writing both non-fiction and fiction pieces. If science-fiction is your passion, this could be a fun passion way to get paid!

Pay starts at $0.10 a word.

Writing Tips

As a blogger, you might be unsure if your writing is worth $100’s.

I had this idea too when I first started. I didn’t believe my writing was worth $600+!

So, to help you move past this negative thought faster than me, here are some writing tips.

1. Focus on the Reader

One of the best writing tips I can give you is to focus on the reader – ALL THE TIME.

As a blogger you might want to focus on SEO and trying to rank in Google, but guess who goes to Google to search for things?


And guess what happens when people click onto your blog post?

They read it!

Not Google bots, but people. Actual people – so write for THEM.

Be conversational when you write and share a story as way to relate to your readers and have an emotional bond with them.

2. Outline Your Piece

An easy way to make your writing shine is to outline your idea.

You want to walk a reader through your piece in a logical and engaging way. To do this, you need to lay out the breadcrumbs so they want to keep on reading.

You can do that with how you write your content and the way you write it.

For example, if I want to write about a Pinterest strategy, my outline might look like this:

  • What is Pinterest?
  • Pinterest for beginners
    • Tips & Tricks
  • Pinterest SEO
    • Boards and descriptions
  • My Simple Strategy

See the outline?

It will walk a reader down the road of understanding Pinterest, using Pinterest and finally, a simple strategy for them!

4. Find The Perfect Topic for Your Guest Post

A great way to ensure that your topic will be accepted is by going to the guest blog and plugging it into Buzzsumo.

For example, if I plug in Money Crashers – a guest post in this list – I can see the top posts that did well on social media.

From this list you can get some ideas on what type of idea you want to pitch.

5. You Can Be Personal

Sometimes guest sites want you to be personal.

Since they want original content many places state using a personal case study or strategy.

If you have a success in one area, you can share that in a guest post and it might go viral or be popular on social media.

This in turn, grows your brand and audience.

There You Go

Wow! Thirty blog sites that pay up to $700 for mom bloggers and freelance writers! I hope you enjoy this post and good luck on making money as a blogger!

Go ahead and comment which sites you want to pitch to!

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Thanks Elna. Cold pitching seems to work best for me. It’s a numbers game. I find you need to churn out about 50 per week to get results. Nothing else beats it. But that’s just me.Reply to Wendy
Hey Wendy That’s awesome that cold pitching works for you! Have fun exploring these websites that pay!Reply to Elna
Wow! What a list! I never knew there was so many sites that you could possibly write for and get paid?! After reading a lot of your posts, I’m really considering trying to step into freelance writing. After I started my blog, I realized how much I love to write. It serves as a creative outlet and stress reliever, (I also have twins). Stress relievers are a must!! Thanks for all your wonderful info Elna!!!Reply to Michelle
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Hi! I would Google your country and guest posting to see if you can get local sites!Reply to Elna
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Hi Natalie, So happy to help you find a new path to make money online. Freelance writing is my true passion and my first passion online and I love it 🙂 Have fun exploring!Reply to Elna