Proven Social Media Tips for Popular Social Platforms (For Bloggers That Want to Make Money)

Social media.

For many bloggers, it’s a huge distraction.

But, for a select few, they’ve learned how to leverage social media for more traffic, income and subscribers.

This doesn’t mean you have to be on all the social media profiles, but it does mean you should pick a few platforms and work hard at marketing your brand and business so you can bring people to your landing page or blog post.

Because that’s the reason why you’re on social media, right? You create a pin to get people back to your site or your post from social media.

So, if you’re having problems with that process – promoting your content on social media – then follow these social media tips.

I’ve included the popular social media platforms that most bloggers or mom bloggers use: Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram.

So, make sure to bookmark this post and come back to it when you need help!

Social Media Tips

These social media marketing tips will help you make money blogging.


Well, over time, you will build a loyal following on social media. These are your peeps, your tribe, and they will listen to what you have to say.

There is a lot of social noise, and if your brand can cut through that, then you will see people wanting to hear from you or waiting to hear from you.

But, this relies on YOU and how you market or promote your blog or business.

Let’s go over some general social media tips before we dive into specific tips for social media platforms.

1. Write Down Your Social Media Goals

This is a big one, mama.

Writing down your goals means you have a 30% better chance at achieving them than if someone just thought up their goals.

Last year I wrote in my bullet journal what I wanted to achieve:

  • Create a course for writers
  • Write for a big brand
  • Write for Neil Patel

My big goals focussed on my freelance writing business. And, you know what? Two out of three were accomplished!

I’m super proud of this and know that writing them down and letting my audience know about my goals really helped me achieve them.

For your social media goals, make sure they align with your blog traffic goals.

Why are you using social media?

Why Instagram and not Pinterest?

Why Facebook page and no Facebook group?

Answering these questions can help you form goals around your social media marketing strategy.

For me, I started my Facebook group, Mom to Mompreneur, as a way to connect with other mom bloggers.

It’s grown to include store owners, product business owners and more.

I’m still figuring out if having this group is benefiting my Twins Mommy brand. Ultimately, I want what I do on Facebook to translate to more clicks to my site, more email signups and more conversions.

The jury is out on that still!

But that is what’s nice about creating goals. You can go back and tweak and change.

2. Focus On 2 Social Media Platforms

I know it’s easy to want to try YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest, but don’t!

Just focus on two social media platforms to do your marketing.

For my freelance writing business, I focussed on LinkedIn and Twitter.

For Twins Mommy, I focussed on Facebook and Pinterest.

So, look at your blog and figure out where your audience is hanging out the most!

Over time, once you figured out one social media platform, you can add another. I also have a YouTube channel too!

3. Create Different Content Depending on the Social Media Platform

You probably already know that Pinterest is more visual and favors long pins while Instagram likes square images.

Knowing how to promote your content on social media can help with more clicks back to your blog.

For my blog, I create a Facebook image, a feature image for my blog, and two Pinterest images.

Other bloggers also create an Instagram quote for their blog.

4. Stay Up to Date With Social Media Changes

Pinterest is a great social media platform, but they constantly update their algorithm and user experience, so it’s important that you’re up to date with changes.

Going to the social media platform’s business page is also helpful or even signing up for their newsletter to learn about updates.

Okay, now that you have the basic tips for social media, let’s dive into specific social media tips!

Pinterest Social Media Tips

Pinterest is constantly changing its user experience. As content creators – we supply Pinterest with pins – we need to stay on top of what is happening with Pinterest.

Currently, we know that Pinterest favors fresh pins and now Story Pins.

Pinterest also likes new and fresh pins. It’s okay if it’s from an old blog post, but you get the best bang for your buck with a brand new pin from a brand new blog post or landing page or sales page.

Finally, the biggest thing you need to understand about Pinterest is the SEO component.

For the masses to view and find your pins on Pinterest, you have to keyword your description, board titles and your profile page.

All of this helps Pinterest know what your profile is about and what sort of pins your create.

If you find that your Pinterest profile is tanking – every metric is decreasing, and your Pinterest traffic is dwindling – then make sure to check out my video to help you – and subscribe to my YouTube channel!

Facebook Social Media Tips

As a new blogger, it’s recommended to start a Facebook page.

This is a way to share your content, network with other bloggers and grow your brand on social media.

The content you share on your page doesn’t have to be from other blogs; it can be 100% based on YOUR blog and your brand.

Occasionally I will share another person’s blog post, but that usually is because they featured Twins Mommy.

I will also share funny posts or links to funny Youtube videos like I recently did:

Facebook is a way to engage with your audience. You can let your guard down and really be authentic on this social media platform.

In my Lives, I often talk about my twins, my hair (and how much I’m having problems with it), or that I’m shocked at how oily my skin is.

I also laugh and tell jokes, which is something I don’t normally do in my Youtube videos.

So when creating your own Facebook page, make sure to share:

  • Your blog posts
  • Relatable stories to help you look authentic
  • Other people’s content as a way to relate to your audience

Finally, make sure you incorporate some Facebook Lives on your page.

Right now, Facebook prioritizes video and having Lives on your page will help grow your reach.

How to Get More Likes on Facebook

One of the things you might want to look at is the number of Likes you receive for your posts.

While this isn’t the end all be all to growing your brand on social media, it can help you grow your reach as Facebook sees how valuable your content is.

The quickest way to get likes is to engage with your audience. You can also ask your audience that if they liked the tip, you shared to please Like that post.

There is no shame here!

Twitter Social Media Tips

Twitter is a great social media platform for freelancers and business owners.

While it’s not necessary for mom bloggers or other bloggers to start a Twitter profile, it can help you with just growing your brand and message.

For example, once new writers enroll in my free course to get paid online for my freelance writing business, I ask them to please tag me on Twitter, letting me know they are committed to being a freelance writer.

If you noticed, by asking brand new people to tag me, they also are inclined to follow me.

One thing to remember when starting a Twitter profile is to have the same name you use for your blog and other social media profiles for Twitter too.

For me, I use ecainwrites for Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

This helps new people find you quicker and remember your brand better.

With Twitter, make sure to follow other bloggers in your niche. These bloggers may follow you back as well.

Finally, a great way to network on Twitter is to feature bloggers in your niche in your content and then tag them on Twitter that you featured them.

How to Get Followers on Twitter

I’ve already mentioned some great ways to gain more followers. Here are a few more:

  • Share your Twitter profile in your email list and ask new subscribers to follow you there
  • Share your Twitter profile on your blog
  • Pin a landing page for email signups. This can prompt people to follow you if you have a valuable incentive to offer

LinkedIn Social Media Tips

LinkedIn is like the business side of Facebook. A lot of businesses are using LinkedIn to network and grow their customer base.

It’s also a great platform if you offer a service like being a VA, Pinterest manager or a freelance writer like myself.

Here is my LinkedIn profile:

What I like to do is create a customized LinkedIn banner using Canva.

This can quickly show a prospect my “influence” online, and this can work for bloggers too.

By sharing your metrics, you might gain some sponsorships or collaborations!

Another LinkedIn tip to grow your brand is to comment on LinkedIn posts of bloggers you want to collaborate with.

See if you can connect with them – if so, you will see their posts on your feed.

As a freelance writer, I try to comment on posts of businesses I want to write for. It helps get on their radar and could end up as a writing job for me.

YouTube Social Media Tips

Youtube is getting big. It’s actually the second largest search engine!

Youtube videos can rank in Google as well on the Youtube platform.

I personally use Youtube to grow my audience. To do this, I have to rely on Youtube SEO tips like using keywords that aren’t too competitive.

I have a channel for Twins Mommy, but I’m slowly working on growing this channel! Feel free to subscribe to my channel!

This is a great way to gain money, not just on the Youtube platform, but to direct Youtubers to your landing page or products.

I do this a lot for my channels. Here’s an example of a video where I share a Google Slide of my courses.

You can do this if you provide highly valuable content on your channel. I know that I do as I do provide very actionable tips and truly want to help my audience make money with their writing.

Finally, I use a free chrome extension for my Youtube SEO. I use VidIQ, but there is also TubeBuddy.

When I search for video ideas I see what keywords I can incorporate into my title to get more search views.

It seems to be working. Of my traffic sources for my Youtube channel, search is #2.

Instagram Social Media Tips

Instagram isn’t a platform I use. I do have an Instagram profile for Twins Mommy, but for some reason, this social media platform never appealed to me.

Maybe it’s because I never have my phone near me! I’m on my laptop working, and my phone is in my purse – in the closet.

Also, we have many laptops around the house and iPads, so my phone is a last resort.

But, I do know one tip!

If you don’t use your phone that much either, you can actually post to Instagram using Grum!

You just login to Grum and create your posts on their platform, and it posts right on your Instagram account.

I haven’t used Grum in years, but you can give it a try!

But, I do know that a lot of mom bloggers in my Mom to Mompreneur Facebook group use Instagram.

Here are some Instagram tips to help you.

Glenda of Confessions of a Scorpio stresses the importance of storytelling with your captions.

My biggest tip is learning the art of storytelling. It’s important to understand how to convey your message through visuals and within your caption. Provide value to your audience that encourages them to engage with you and become and a part of your audience.

Karissa of Fit Mommy Strong feels that your visuals are what will help you grow your audience and brand.

My personal best tip would be to share unique visuals with a helpful caption.
In other words, don’t just post your blog post image and say “new post up.” Instagram is such a visual social media platform that you really need to make it worth clicking on for the user. Once they click – what can they gain from reading your caption? If the answer is nothing, they’re likely to keep scrolling vs being engaged. 

Tara of Tarably Inspired says hashtags are important for Instagramers to get noticed.

Hashtags are important, but such a hassle to add to every post. I have a note saved on my phone with hashtags I always use for each category, so I can copy and paste them into each post and then only have to add a few for each individual post.

How to Get More Instagram Followers

Growing your Instagram followers means being highly authentic.

This is a personal social media platform where you show the behind the scenes of your life or business.

With IG stories, you can build a connection quicker and grow your followers that way.

And this all surrounds your Instagram brand. From the quality of your images, the filters you use (or don’t use), the mood each image captions and more can set the tone or brand of your blog and business.

While you can use hashtags to grow your brand, the best tip I can provide is to be authentic and be real!

Social Media Automation


To get you started with using social media for your blog and gain some money, having a social automation tool will help you stay focussed.

I don’t want you spending all day on social media.

There is more to growing your blog – like email marketing, creating a sales funnel and more.

To help you get started with posting on Pinterest and Instagram, try Tailwind for free.

You get your first 100 pins to post for free!

Over to you –

What’s your favorite social media platforms for growing your brand and business?

Share in the comments below!

Please remember to pin me!

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This is very helpful! As a new social media manager and a mother, these tips we’re great! Hope this would inspire more work-from-home mom to start their freelancing career! More power!Reply to Irine
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Hi Elna. Thanks for these tips for using social media to make money. Quick confession, I am one of those that posts “new blog post” on Instagram and disappears until next time. Haha. But my Facebook page is always updated with new posts, and I’m getting some traffic from there. I actually thought of doing a facebook live a few days ago but…. Anyway I’ll try Grum and see how that goes as for Instagram. Thanks again for the helpful information you always give freely. Have a great weekend!Reply to Buayifa
Hi Buayifa! No shame for sure! I’m a no show on Instagram anyways so I don’t focus on that platform anymore! Awesome about trying Grum. It really is easy to post on your computer!Reply to Elna
Great guide, Elna. I spend SO MUCH TIME on social media during my first few years of blogging! I know these tips are going to benefit new (and seasoned) bloggers. These are solid social media tips! Now that my business has grown, I don’t spend much time promoting others or their content. I am too busy earning money! LOL I love helping others become authors and running Wording Well. 🙂 I still use social media, but it’s more to promote my business and my services!Reply to Lorraine
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