7 Successful Mom Blogs That Make Money

Interested in starting a mom blog but not sure if it will make money?

I know.

You don’t want to invest in something that doesn’t produce results!

But, I can also tell you that you won’t know unless you give blogging a try!

Mamas – it is POSSIBLE that mom blogs make money. In fact, it’s the perfect way moms make money at home.

I want to share with you 7 mommy blogs that are generating income. I want to inspire you and let you know that if they can do it, then you can do it.

At the end of this post I’ll share with you how you can get started in making money from your mommy blog!

But, if you haven’t started a mom blog, please check out my free tutorial on how to start your own mom blog that makes money!

7 Mom Blogs That Make Money Blogging

1. What Moms Love

Aly’s blog, What Moms Love is a parenting blog focussing on family/mom/kids. She and her content team provide helpful ideas, tips and recommendations to make busy moms’ lives easier!

I love this blog and all the content on it. Her pins are beautiful and are always on my feed!

Her blog has many different topics and each post are mostly huge roundups with even more tips and more products. This is like a mom blog on sterioids! But you know what? This started with one mama and it’s grown to this magnitude!

What Moms Love earns $30,000/month

Income sources in order or highest earnings to lowest:

  • Sponsored content
  • Ads
  • Amazon affiliate marketing

2. Swaddles n’ Bottles

I love Caroline’s blog, Swaddles n’ Bottles (isn’t that just the best title?!).

What I like about her pregnancy and new baby blog is that her content is authentic and personal. She shares her story of pregnancy and being a mom and you know that what she recommends to her readers are things she’s used in the past!

If you’re pregnant or a new mom Caroline’s blog has all the resources for you!

Swaddles n’ Bottles earns $10,000+/month (six-figures)

Income sources in order or highest earnings to lowest:

  • Amazon affiliate marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Sponsored posts

3. This Tiny Blue House

Jenny’s blog This Tiny Blue House is amazing! It’s a frugal living blog but she has soo many amazing round up posts of the best crafts, holiday ideas and recipes!

What amazes me is that her blog is a frugal living blog that helps people save money. But she’s able to earn money doing this (and she does it effectively too!).

If you decide to do a blog with multi-topics, breaking your blog up with distinct categories is helpful for your audience!

This Tiny Blue House earns $10,000+/month

Income sources in order or highest earnings to lowest:

  • Ads
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Amazon affiliate marketing

4. Coffee and Coos

Alexandra’s blog, Coffee and Coos is a pregnancy and motherhood blog!

I love her blog even though I’m not pregnant! She has amazing hacks and she tells you what it’s really like in your first trimester as a newly pregnant mom! And don’t you just LOVE her blog name?

Coffee and Coos earns $4,000/month

Income sources in order or highest earnings to lowest:

  • Ads
  • Amazon affiliate marketing
  • Service-based (virtual assistant)
  • Affiliate products for moms

If you have time, offering a service is a quick way to start generating income from your blog!

This is how I started blogging at first! I started a freelance writing blog and over time was able to replace my full-time income only working part-time hours!

4. Real Mom Recs

Caitlin blog Real Mom Recs is a parenting blog for moms. She mostly blogs about pregnancy, parenting, and Disney travel!

What I love about her blog is that she doesn’t shy away from personal topics. From being authentic on her blog, she’s built a strong audience, which has helped her create valuable content for them.

In turn, she generates income from her mom blog.

Ream Mom Recs earns $2,000/month

Income sources in order or highest earnings to lowest:

  • Ads
  • Sponsored posts
  • Affiliate products that are parenting-related
  • Amazon affiliate marketing

5. Family Felicity

Brandi’s blog Family Felicity is a lifestyle blog but she’s pivoting it to be more of a parenting and family blog. She’s a mom to three kids and her and her husband have been working from home for over ten years!

Her blog is perfect for moms in the thick of parenting toddlers and kids (that’s me!!). Her positive parenting tips are relatable to all moms and what you will find in this list of mom blogs is that if your audience is large you can still connect with them and grow your traffic and income.

Family Felicity is earning $1,000/month.

Income sources in order or highest earnings to lowest:

  • Ads
  • Affiliate for courses/programs
  • Amazon affiliate marketing

6. Smart Mom Ideas

Smart Mom Ideas is one of my blogs! This blog has started generating income!

Smart Mom Ideas originally was a lifestyle parenting blog with topics around frugal living, organizing and mom life. But, recently I pivoted to a pregnancy and postpartum tips blog.

Smart Mom Ideas earns around $1,500/month.

Income sources in order or highest earnings to lowest:

  • Ads
  • Amazon affiliate marketing

I just recently signed up for more affiliate programs for courses and will work on creating content that features these new affiliate products. While I told myself that I wanted to ONLY do Amazon affiliate marketing, I found this a challenge from the first day. Since the commission for Amazon products is very low, you need to generate a lot of clicks per day.

It was only recently that I’m generating sales every day. This took around 8 months of actively trying new tactics.

7. Journey to SAHM

Samantha of Journey to SAHM is the newest blog on this list. Her blog is only 7 months old and her blog was making income in her second month blogging! You go mama!

Samantha’s blog is a lifestyle parenting blog with focus on mom life and saving money. As you can see from this list, a lifestyle blog can definitely make money!

Journey to SAHM earns around $1,400/month

Income sources in order or highest earnings to lowest:

  • Sponsored posts
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Ads

Isn’t it amazing that these mom blogs are making money? Just imagine – your blog, your writing and your time to promote your blog on social media is actually making money! That’s awesome!

Blogging Tips for Moms

If you want to start a family and parenting blog or a mom lifestyle blog, my suggestion is to get to know other blogs in that niche. For example, you can use Pinterest and search for topics in the parenting niche to get an idea for blog topics.

I can type in “toddler tantrum” on Pinterest and see what comes up:

From here you can decide on your blog audience. Will you create content to help:

  • Moms with newborns?
  • Moms with toddlers?
  • Moms with kids?
  • Moms with multiple kids?
  • Single moms with kids?
  • Moms with girls
  • Moms with boys

Once you narrow down your audience you can start creating content just for them.

How Do I Start Making Money With My Mom Blog?

The real answer to this is commitment and passion.

Love what you blog about, serve your audience with the best types of valuable blog posts and you will build a tribe that wants to buy from you mamas.

The second part of this equation is getting that audience, or blog traffic, to your blog. It’s hard to monetize a blog with little traffic (although the only way I know you can do that is if you offer a service).

To help you out, here are my best posts about building traffic for your mom blog:

Once you start building your blog traffic, you can position your blog posts to help answer their questions and help them through their problems and challenges. Just like with this post, I’m helping moms understand that it is possible to make money with mom blogs and then I share tips on how to get started.

If you can provide a blog post that helps your readers, you will grow your traffic and income!

How Do I Write a Blog Post?

The one way people will know you is through your blog posts. They will find it on Pinterest or Instagram or Facebook and click on your link to read it.

So, your writing has to really hook them from the first impression!

Here are some tips to help you with that:

  • Have a clickable headline – The very first introduction of your blog is your headline when they see it on social media. Make it juicy and clickable.
  • Introduce the problem in the beginning – A good trick to use is to think like your audience and make your writing align to what your reader is thinking so that they are constantly nodding their head, “yes! She gets me!”
  • Make your blog post easy to read – Make sure to add subheadings and break up your post to make it easy to read and no just skim!
  • Have a call to action – It’s important at the end of your blog post to have a CTA – a call-to-action. This is something you want your audience to do. It can be to sign up to your email list or answer a question in the comments.

What Is the Best Blogging Platform?

The only blogging platform I use for all my blogs is This is a self-hosted platform.

By having a self-hosted blog using WordPress you can monetize your blog and know that your content belongs to you (and not WordPress). WordPress also has a library of plugins. These are features that help manage your blog and grow your blog.

If you haven’t already started your mom blog, check out my super simple start a blog tutorial.

What Should I Blog About?

You want to start a mom blog but what should your blog be about?

There are many blogging ideas to help you get started but to figure out what YOU want to blog about consider these three ways:

  • Fill the empty space to stand out in your blog niche – this means finding blogs you enjoy reading and seeing any gaps in their content. Your blog can fill that empty space.
  • Look to your passions – blogging is a long term game and the things you write about today should inspire to you create that same content years down the road. So make sure that your blog niche is a passion topic of yours.
  • Have a journey blog – want to learn something new? Blog about that new learning experience and help others learn it too. You’re new to Pinterest, well have a Pinterest blog and share what you are learning!

How Will I Find Time to Start a Mom Blog?

I get it –

Your little one is your focus for the day. Or, you have a full-time job and run a busy house. How can you fit blogging in that time?

First, once you make the decision to start a mom blog, you need to carve dedicated time for blogging. This may mean no longer vegging on the couch at 9pm every night.

Or, it might mean waking up an hour early before you head off to work to write a blog post or schedule your pins in Tailwind.

If you’re a stay-at-home mom, the time to blog is there, but it’s not alway so cut and dry.

Your child may be fussy that morning, or may not nap that afternoon – I get it, I’ve been there!

What I liked to do when my twins were home while I blogged, was set up activities for them to keep them busy.

This gave me pockets of 20 minutes here, 45 minutes there etc…

I also blogged when they napped and when they went to bed for the night. This gave me about 4 hours a day to start a business and to blog. It is possible mamas!

If you need more tips, here is my ultimate guide for time management for mom bloggers.

Make This Your Year Mama!

Now is the perfect time to get ready to start a mom blog and gain blog traffic to build your income! If you want to start a blog, tell me in the comments what you want to blog about! I want to hear your blog niche!

Remember to pin me!

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I remember it took me a month to find my niche and another month just trying to find an available name for my blog. Blogging is hard!Reply to Halimeh
Hi, Yes, it isn’t a “get rich quick” method. Just remember your niche can change and your blog name doesn’t have to make sense!Reply to Elna
One day I googled ways to make money from home as a stay at home mom and found blogging to be a main one. It’s hard picking a niche because i have interests/passions are motherhood as a stay home mom, gym and fitness, my pets, my relationship, the outdoors….I’m trying to narrow it down lolReply to Mesinda
Hi Mesinda, Yes, a lot of moms struggle with finding a niche for their blog! What you can do is start a lifestyle blog and blog about all those topics and over time you will find the ones that your audience want to hear from you the the most! Then you can write more about those topics! Good luck!Reply to Elna
Hi Elna, Thanks for all your encouragement to start a blog and to keep it going! I started after leaving my job last summer and while it’s been challenging to regularly find time to work on it with our growing toddler, I’m excited to see where this journey takes me. I love getting your emails and finding posts like this one that remind me anything is possible! Thanks, LaurenReply to Lauren
Hi Lauren, Thanks so much! So glad you came over and enjoyed this post! Yes, blogging is a journey and not a get rich quick tactic! You have to take your time to grow successfully! I’m here to help!Reply to Elna
Hi there! I definitely have a lot of content since my life gas changed so drastically as other mothers during this pandemic! … working mom turned SAHM…I just need help starting this blog!.. lol what do you suggest being the absolute first step? I just need guidance/advice. I’m a little nervous to take this plunge!Reply to Hope
Hi Hope! This is a big transition for sure but I’m here to help! Make sure to enroll in my free course on how to start a blog for moms! 🙂 It will walk you through those first pivotal steps to starting a money making blog.Reply to Elna
I have a mom blog that’s earning just cents for now. Your blog is such an inspiration. How do I enrol for your course, please?Reply to Natalie
Hi Natalie! Oh thanks so much! Which course do you want? My traffic course is here: to Elna
Thanks for the info! I am working on starting a blog for mom’s that don’t have it all together. Not sure if my niche is focused enough yet, but working on it!!Reply to Chelsea
Hi Chelsea, It can be a good niche if you have the right posts for the right audience! Make your topic more action based and make a list of the problems around your blog niche and then create blog posts about that. Try to create three posts for each problem (using different angles).Reply to Elna
Hi Elna I am Jiya and I am already writing on parenting. Please help me in monetising my blogsReply to Jiya
Hi Jiya, That’s great you are writing and parenting on your blog. If you start a parenting site I would explore Pinterest to see what other popular parenting sites there are and what they are doing to make money blogging. Are they doing affiliate marketing? Sponsored content? Do they have their own products like printables, eBooks or courses? This can help you form your monetization plan.Reply to Elna
Thanks for the tips! I’m interested in starting my own single mommy blog, this certainly gave me some clarity ♥️Reply to Krista
Hi Krista, That’s awesome to hear! Many mommy blogs are successful so try it out today!Reply to Elna
Thanks for the helpful information! You gave me some new ideas for my blog.Reply to Kelly
Hi Kelly, That’s great to hear! Have fun with your blog ideas!Reply to Elna
Thank you for sharing all of this information! I recently started a blog as a much needed creative outlet, and I really need tips, tips, and more tips to figure all of this out! Thank you!Reply to Mrs.
Hi! Love your blog! I was just on it and getting some good at home exercise and activities for the kiddos! I love featuring other moms for sure! We are all in this together!Reply to Elna
Hi! I would love to start a mom blog! I’ve been thinking about it non-stop for weeks. I am a little afraid and not quit sure how to focus my niche. I am a first time mom and my daughter is 7 months old. I would love to share my experiences with the world as I learn through this journey, but I would also like to make money and potentially go part-time (I’m a teacher). I am afraid just an experience blog won’t work. My daughter is going to start repping for some boutiques and I am pretty crafty with home decor and party planning. Any suggestions on how to pick a specific mom-niche? Thanks!Reply to Brittany
Hi Brittany! How exciting you want to start a mom blog! Mommy blogs are awesome and you can talk about multiple topics that focusses on one demographic niche for sure. And you can make money with it, but it will be a challenge to grow on Google (i.e. searching for your posts), but that’s not to say it can’t be done over time. I like your ideas of home decor crafts and party planning. There are some BIG profitable blogs in those niches and they do well visually on Pinterest! Good luck!Reply to Elna
Elna, you are such an inspiration. Thank you for always sharing your knowledge with us!Reply to Amber
This is awesome!! I had 3 kids 4 and under, and now can breathe a bit more as they are 2, 4, &6. I’ve been blogging for a few months now and love it, but I’m with you on so much you said! From splitting time during naps and nights, to all the SAHM loneliness. It’s a tough, but amazing job. And blogging has been a huge step that I’ve loved. Congrats on your success and thanks for sharing your story!Reply to Lisa
Hi Lisa! Yes, being a mom to little ones is hard but so worth it! So happy to hear your story! Thanks so much for your kind words and have fun blogging!Reply to Elna
My 2020 resolution is to finally start a blog (I’ve been talking about it since March 2018!). At first, it was going to be a lifestyle blog but this year I became a mommy….and I’m due with my second child April 2020! I’m thinking of blogging about preparing/having two under two. Wondering if this would be a good topic? I don’t see a whole bunch of traffic pinpointing that specifically but I am also not very good at using Google Trends to tell if something is trending or not 😂Reply to Christen
Congrats on your new pregnancy! Sounds very exciting! Your blog topic sounds great. I wrote a post on my other blog about having two under two and it gained a lot of traffic based on Pinterest. This means this is a viable topic for sure! Have fun blogging!Reply to Elna
I’ve noticed that not all of the bloggers use pictures of their own families; what are your thoughts on that?Reply to Rachel
Hi Rachel, I think that’s fine. You can still be private as a mom blogger. I don’t show the faces of my twins or share their names anywhere online.Reply to Elna
Great post, thank you so much for sharing. I was really helpful to see examples of blogs that are actually making money, what they look like and how much content they have. I just launched my first blog in June ( and I’ve been getting discouraged and how slow my traffic has been building, but this article was really encouraging so thank you so much!Reply to Jen
Hi Jen, Glad you liked this list of mom blogs that make money! It is possible for sure! It takes time to grow a new blog so be patient!Reply to Elna
This post is amazing, thank you very much for putting together this information. It’s crystal clear that getting as much traffic as possible to your blog is key to making a decent income. The more traffic you have, the more opportunities start coming your way in the form of paid ads, affiliates, sponsored posts or digital products. thank you Elna!Reply to Vanessa
Hey Vanessa, LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog and design! So awesome and cute and motivational! I can see you truly want to help people be successful working from home! So happy you enjoyed this post and yes, traffic can totally help grow your income (even if you’re not doing ads). It’s what has helped jump from making 5k a month to almost 20k a month! Thanks for stopping by!Reply to Elna
Hey Elna, your post is so helpful! As a new mommy blogger myself, I have so much to learn. I want to be able to grow and be successful just like your blog. It’ll take time, but seeing you do it has given me hope 🙂Reply to Ally
Hi Ally, Thank you so much for your kind words! <3 So happy you are finding some help for your blog! Have fun growing your blog!Reply to Elna
Hello Elna! I love your blog contents.. i am a new mommy blogger and your blog contents makes me motivated.. thank you. Do you know about this blog She is a mum of two year old started blog on child development, motherhood and parenting contents.Reply to Pragalpa
Hello there! I love your list of mom blogs – Its very useful! As a new mom I find it a great resource so thank you for posting this list! Have you considered Dr. Stephanie Liu / Life of Dr. Mom? She is a medical doctor that provides evidence based information for mom wellness, parenting, and child wellness. It has been a very useful tool for me – especially when my daughter has a cold, figuring out what over the counter medications to give her, and also learning about child development etc.Reply to suzanne
Thanks for this post. I started a blog several months ago and I’m putting the time in I just hope the results will follow. These types of posts are what keep me motivated. Your content is super helpful Elna, thanks for sharing.Reply to Britt
Hey Britt, Thanks for stopping over! Glad you enjoyed this post about mom blogs that make money!Reply to Elna
Thank you so much Elna for featuring my blog in your roundup! It’s just so exciting to see so many mom and lifestyle bloggers making money. I’m on pace to exceed $1000 this month, so this is so exciting for me.Reply to Brandi
Hey Brandi! That’s awesome! Love your blog mama!Reply to Elna
Thank you so much for including me Elna! I’m honored that you thought of me and included me with these bloggers because they are truly amazing! <3Reply to Jenny
Hey Jenny! You’re welcome! I love what you’re doing with your blog!Reply to Elna
Love this post! Thanks so much for sharing these amazing #momblogs! I’d love to throw mine into the pot and hope it helps others.Reply to Sherri
Hey Sherri! You’re welcome! Yes, looking at all of these mom blogs is very inspirational for me at least! I hope it is the same for you!Reply to Elna
PS: I love how relaxed your tone of writing is, it’s almost like chatting with a friend 🙂Reply to Lily
Hey Lily! Thanks mama! I LOVE LOVE LOVE writing 🙂 And yes, when I write to my mom bloggers I do have a relaxed voice and more conversational than my other blogs. It’s fun to write this blog!!!Reply to Elna
This is a great post Elna! Especially with most roundups of blogs making money being about blogs that blog about blogging :). These mamas’ results show that it can be done and also help to set realistic expectations for income blogging in the parenting/mommy niche. I’m curious, these results while brilliant seem a bit lower than what I found in my own roundup. Would you say that it’s easier to make the first $100 and then plateau quite quickly? I’m asking because those moms hit the first $100 in their 2nd to 4th month mostly, one even landed a $500 (!) sponsored post in her 3rd month if I recall correctly. Blogging income is supposed to grow exponentially right? Looking forward to your thoughts on this and thanks so much for sharing this. I’m pinning and sharing to my facebook group.Reply to Lily
Hi Lily! I’m one of the bloggers featured in this roundup at I’m not sure if I totally understand your question but I think you’re asking if blogging income steadily increases each month. If so, I can say for my own blog that once I earned my 1st $100, it’s been increasing rapidly each month. I’m actually on course to make just over $1000 this month. And since my traffic has been growing at a steady pace of no less than 25% each month, my income continues to increase as well. Hope that helps.Reply to Brandi
Hi Lily! Yes, you’re right – you see a lot of roundups of blogs that blog about blogging and their income but not other blog niches. That’s why I wanted to focus on mom blogs that blog about mom stuff! As for the blogs income, I didn’t ask a breakdown of month to month on how much they made. I want to inspire moms that it is possible to make some money with their mom blog!Reply to Elna
Great post, Elna! I will have to check out your Smart Mom Ideas blog 🙂 Lots of inspiration to gain here from these successful bloggers you have listed, thank you for taking the time to put this together 🙂Reply to Sarah
Hi Sarah, Thanks so much! I love Smart Mom Ideas and Twins Mommy the most 🙂 It’s fun to write these topics for sure! Glad you enjoyed this post!Reply to Elna
As a new mom blogger this post was right on point. I’m still trying to narrow in on my angle but it is very encouraging seeing other moms doing their thing and making money while doing it. The blogging life isn’t easy. This was a much needed dose of inspiration!Reply to Keyona
Hi Keyona, I’m glad you found this post inspirational! That’s exactly why I wanted to share this post with my followers. Making money blogging can be a challenge but if you keep your head down and work, the income will follow! Thanks for stopping by!Reply to Elna