43 Insanely Easy Instagram Post Ideas to Grow Your Followers(Figure Out What to Post)

For the longest time, Instagram wasn’t a platform I could get into.

It’s probably because it encourages people to post from their phones and, well, my phone is usually stuffed in my purse somewhere!


Recently, though, I have been posting somewhat regularly and I’m really enjoying the personal aspect of it.

Instagram is all about being authentic where you share not only aspects of your business and/or blog but of your life as well.

It’s a great way to build true connections with your readership and the more genuine you are, the more you will gain followers.

You can really use Instagram to set the tone for your blog and business!

But gaining followers is all about the type of content you post.

While you want to remain authentic, you also need to be interesting, knowledgeable, and engaging.

If you’re looking to start on Instagram, or need some ideas on how to grow your followers, here are some amazing Instagram post ideas just for you!

How Can Instagram Benefit My Blog?

Instagram is not exactly one of those social media platforms known for driving traffic to blogs. It’s probably because you can’t post clickable links in your post descriptions!

But that doesn’t mean you should dismiss Instagram when it comes to creating an online presence.

There are many ways in which Instagram can benefit your blog:

  • Grow a community
  • Boost engagement with your brand
  • Promote blog posts, products, and services
  • Drive traffic to your blog (if people really want it, they will copy and paste the URL)

When using Instagram as a way to grow your blog, be sure to include your blog’s URL in your bio and refer to it in your posts.

And you can post links in the description, they’re just not clickable.

Do it anyway because your followers may want to copy and paste it into their browser.

In order to take advantage of these benefits, you need to know what to post on Instagram.

Don’t worry!

I have 43 amazing Instagram post ideas for you to check out.

Instagram Post Ideas to Grow Your Followers

1. Giveaways and Contests

Not many people will give up the chance to win something, so giveaways and contests are a great way to grow your followers.

2. Offers and Promotions

If you’re offering a product or service, use your Instagram account to advertise a promotion or sale.

3. Product Features and Benefits

Again, if you offer a product or service, break it down by outlining the features and benefits.

People will follow your account to learn more about your product!

4. #TipTuesday

Gaining followers on Instagram often has a lot to do with positioning yourself as an expert.

By sharing tips, you’ll have people coming to you for good quality information.

5. Social Proof

You can also grow your followers by showing proof that what you do works.

You can pull comments from your blog, emails, or Facebook page and post them on Instagram.

Here is an Instagram post idea I did for my profile.

6. Testimonials

Likewise, you can also post testimonials!

Around 88% of consumers turn to reviews and testimonials when it comes to making purchasing decisions – and this is no different for trying to establish yourself as the go-to person in your niche.

7. Tutorial

Instagram is not just a platform for checking out the hottest celebrity’s latest meal – people are also there to learn.

You can add value to your brand and grow your followers by posting simple-to-follow tutorials.

8. DIY Ideas

The great thing about these Instagram post ideas is that you can use a variety of mediums to share information and gain followers.

For instance, use a time-lapse video to showcase your amazing DIY idea!

9. Product Launch

Ready to launch a new product?

Attract followers by getting them excited about your latest and greatest.

10. Ask a Question

Growing your followers on Instagram has a lot to do with building engagement with your audience. Get them talking by asking them a question!

11. AMA (Ask Me Anything)

Likewise, you can give your followers an opportunity to learn more about you by hosting an AMA (Ask Me Anything) where you directly answer their questions about your brand, business, blog, etc.

12. FAQs

As I mentioned, people turn to Instagram for information.

Address frequently asked questions in your niche with this Instagram post idea.

13. Blog Content

While Instagram does not make it easy to link directly to blog content, you can definitely attract more followers by posting useful and interesting information from your blog.

Just make sure your blog URL is in your bio and direct people to it through your post description.

This is what I did for one of my Instagram post ideas.

14. Freebies

People love freebies! Find something in your niche that you can offer for free to those who follow your Instagram account.

If you’re a social media guru, offer some Pinterest templates.

Or, if you are crafty with a Cricut, offer some free SVGs!

15. Behind-the-Scenes

You’d be surprised how many people will follow accounts on Instagram because they love gaining insight and seeing how businesses work.

Post some behind-the-scenes shots of how you do what you do – it doesn’t matter if you’re a mompreneur, blogger, homeschooler, whatever!

People like to see how things are done.


Quotes are perhaps the more shareable type of content across all social media platforms!

People love looking for inspiration and words they can relate to, so use this Instagram post idea to grow your followers.

17. Statistics

With “fake news” circulating throughout all social media platforms, be a beacon of truth by providing statistics related to your niche.

18. Memes

I probably couldn’t name one single person, including myself, who doesn’t love a good meme from time to time.

Attract followers to your Instagram by giving them something to chuckle at throughout the day.

Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge? Bottle flipping? Challenges are hot on Instagram!

Just be safe and use your common sense (i.e., please don’t eat Tide Pods).

One of the most popular trends going on right now is the “10 Year Challenge” but there’s always a dance challenge or two floating around!

20. Before and After

If you want to grow your followers because you sell a product or service, use before and after photos to highlight the results!

21. Puzzles

Many Instagram post ideas are pretty commonplace (yet effective!) so I wanted to suggest something unique as well.

I love the idea of posting puzzles and riddles on Instagram. Not only do they pique the interest of potential followers but they also get a lot of engagement!

22. Polls

Polls work well on Instagram because not only do you want to know more about your audience but people love to give their opinions!

When you add a hashtag to your post’s description, your post will appear on the page for that hashtag.

It also helps bring up your post as a sort of “search result” when people are searching through Instagram.

Using popular hashtags, such as #lifestyle, will help you expand your reach and gain new followers.

24. Holidays

When it comes to Instagram post ideas, holidays are a great way to make your content relevant and catch the eye of potential followers!

25. Throwbacks

People love to see transformation and posting a throwback is a great way to show how far you’ve come.

26. Bust a Myth

Just as you can use stats to provide relevant information on your Instagram, you can also bust some popular myths in your niche to gain credibility.

27. Share Your Journey

Share some insight into your life by posting about your personal journey.

Highlight where you started and how you got to where you are today.

28. Share Your Routine

You can help inspire others, and gain followers, by sharing your tried-and-true, no-fail routine – whether that’s a workout routine, morning routine, makeup routine, etc.

29. Post a Story

Instagram has a nifty little feature that allows you to post stories that allow viewers to click through a series of images.

You can use this to display products, give a quick lesson, or share freebies.

30. Crosspost from Other Social Media Platforms

If you come across a post on Twitter or Facebook that is funny, uplifting, or relevant to your niche take a screenshot and share it on your Instagram!

Don’t forget to tag the original poster if they have an Instagram account. This can be a great way to gain followers and network.

31. Repurpose Your Social Media Content

Speaking of social media content, why not take something you’ve posted on another platform and share it on your Instagram?

32. Post a Live Video

Just as you can on Facebook, you can host live videos through your Instagram account.

This allows you to use the other amazing Instagram post ideas I’ve mentioned such as AMAs, tutorials, and product launches!

And to make sure to get a high attendance of your Instagram Live, create a post for it!

33. Create a Photo Collage

At its core, Instagram is a visual social media platform – so don’t forget to post some amazing pictures!

You can use a photo collage to highlight different products, behind-the-scene photos, or whatever you want.

34. Post About Current Events

Attract followers to your Instagram account by posting about current events.

Simply post a screenshot of the news article headline and provide a summary in the description.

35. Make a Donation to a Nonprofit

I’m not saying you show throw money around just to grow your followers on Instagram but, if you do make a donation to a nonprofit, why not share your good deed?

Not only will this highlight your values but it will also inspire others to do the same.

36. Caption This

Boost your follower engagement and gain new followers by having “caption this” contests.

Just post a picture and ask your audience to suggest their own caption.

37. Cover An Event

Is there something exciting happening in your area? Why not post about it on Instagram!

Anybody interested in that event is sure to find your profile.

38. Post an Interview

While you want to show the Instagram world that you know what you are talking about, sometimes it helps to share information from someone else who knows what they are talking about.

39. Make a Hyperlapse Video

This is another one of those tools that can really take these Instagram post ideas to the next level!

You can use these (as I mentioned before) to make DIY videos but you can also get really creative and create something visually stunning.

40. Use Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels is a tool you can use to post little video demonstrations. Use them to explain a product, tell a story, or highlight your daily routine.

A carousel is a collection of images on Instagram that people can scroll through.

This type of Instagram post idea is a great way to showcase a product or the benefits of a service you offer.

42. Highlight Influencers Using Your Product

Did you know that 40% of consumers buy products recommended by influencers?

People trust the advice of influencers so you can stand to grow your followers by highlighting the influencers that use your products on your Instagram.


43. Post Sponsored Content

Lastly, you can post sponsored content, which is a little different than featuring an influencer.

When you post sponsored content, you are being paid to promote someone else’s product.

People interested in this product are going to want to see who is using it in the real world.

Do It For the ‘Gram!

That’s Instagram, not your grandmother!

With these insanely easy Instagram post ideas, you’re sure to grow your followers and get your brand out into the world!

Are you on Instagram? What do you post? What gets a lot of attention? We want to know!

And don’t forget to pin!

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