Grow Blog Traffic in December With this One Simple Thing

December in the blogging world can either mean chaos or distraction.

For me, it’s chaos this year! But, I do know for some bloggers they turn away from their blog and emailing their list for most of December to focus on family and the holiday.

And let me be the first blogger to say YASS! Do YOU! Be present this holiday and enjoy the time you have your family.

But……yes, there is a but in this….please don’t neglect your blog for the entire month with all the distractions happening around the holidays.

There is a simple  way to grow your blog traffic in December so that when the New Year comes, you will have new readers, more comments and more shares.

And that increases the chances of income if you are positioning your blog to make money.

Want to know what that simple thing is to grow website traffic?

Your Blog Traffic Plan

Look –

The #1 goal you should have for your blog is to grow your blog traffic.


Traffic will grow your email list and grow your income. When there is no one coming to your blog, you can’t make money.

So, know that your entire blog plan is built around traffic and the #1 thing you can do for December is to blog every day!

Yes! Give your blog a boost of traffic by blogging

I call it the 12 Days of Christmas blog plan, but you can call it whatever you want – 12 Days of Fitness Fun, 12 Days to Save $200 series, or 12 Days of Budget Tips.

I personally like using the 12 Days of Christmas as this is a familiar thing people know. I’ve done this twice so far and each time I grow my blog traffic upwards of 20% or more.

The first 12 days I did 12 days of freebies.

The next year I did 12 days of Pinterest tips.

And this year? I couldn’t focus on my 12 days series because of my move and all the mold and renovations I had to do for this house.

But, the good thing about this blog traffic strategy is that it doesn’t have to occur in December, but it’s more effective at the end of the year.

Why Is December the Best Time to Do This?

I find that December is the perfect time to blog every day because while people may not go to your blog during December, the content is already published and it just sits there until January.

And, when people start coming they will find your posts first either on their Pinterest feed or wherever. Why? Because all the other bloggers never blogged in December!

They took a break so all that new content you created in December, well that will get shown on Pinterest and Google (hopefully).

So, why not YOU be the blogger that actually blogs in December?

These blog posts don’t have to be 2,000 words or even 1,000 words. These posts are short and sweet and highly valuable.

Ready to write those types of blog posts? Let me help  you.

The Content Plan

The first thing you need to come up with is the series you plan on doing. Think of giving little tips or suggestions for each blog posts. These blog posts can be seasonal but it’s best that your series is more evergreen to promote it more.

So, if you have a pregnancy blog, some series for your 12 days can be:

  • 12 Days of Pregnancy Tips
  • 12 Days of First Trimester Tips
  • 12 Days of Freebies for Pregnant Moms

What if you have a personal finance blog? Here are some suggestions for you:

  • 12 Days of Money Saving Tips
  • 12 Days of Building a Budget
  • 12 Days of Paying off Your Loans

So, think of your blog niche and the most pressing problems and pick one to build a series off of.

The next thing you have to do is come up with blog topics that are valuable but short. These types of blog posts are usually framed as:

  • The One Thing
  • The Secret to
  • Don’t Miss this Critical Thing
  • What You Absolutely Don’t Need

These types of blog posts are click-worthy and valuable because people want to know your secret or #1 best budgeting tip. Since this is a 12 days series, I would come up with 12 blog post ideas.

You can frame your series as list posts too as those are also highly sharable and click-worthy:

12 Amazing Pregnancy Apps You Should Know

Finally, the last part is starting the blog post a day or two days before you publish it. So if you publish on Thursday, write your post on Monday, then write day 2 blog post on Tuesday so that by Thursday you can publish Day 1 and then Friday you can publish Day 2.

You always want to be a few days ahead for your series and make sure each blog post is short – 800 words to 1,000 words – so you can write the full post in a few hours in one day.

And, to ensure that people read your series, make sure to link to your previous posts in your introduction or conclusion. This is what I do for my series.

What If You Don’t Have Time to Blog Every Day?

If you find that you can’t whip up new blog post ideas every day, what you can do is switch content mediums.

Instead of blogging every day, why not post on Instagram every day? You can do Reels for a week or Stories for five days or just post every day for 12 days.

You can make a conscious effort to do a Facebook live every day for a week.

This is a great way to repurpose your blog content using a new medium as well as connect and nurture your audience.

There was one year where I had a lot of client work and couldn’t blog at all. So, I decided to do 5 days of Facebook Lives on freelance writing tips on my Facebook page.

After those five days were up, I started a Youtube channel and posted those lives as videos. This helped me grow my audience and connect with long time readers of my blog while still hitting deadlines for my clients.

Your Promotion Plan

Okay – so you have written a few blog posts and are creating the pins and social graphics for your blog posts.

I’m sure you’re wondering how you will promote these posts if they are published every day. My suggestion is to pin each blog post every day and you can post on you Facebook page each day or you can skip a day, but once a day every day isn’t overkill.

When your series is finished, all you have to do is wait. Usually, any benefits you see from blogging every day will come a month or so later.

If  you did a seasonal blog post, I would change the graphics in the first quarter to make it more evergreen. So, for example, when I did my 12 Days of Pinterest tips, each graphic was holiday-themed, but after the holidays I swapped them out. This is something you might want to do if it makes sense.

Have fun creating content for your blog and try this experiment!

Over to you – are you excited to do a series on your blog every day? It’s a challenge you can do with yourself or you can challenge your audience to blog every day!

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Happy New Year Elna, I remember you saying a while ago to switch to a Pinterest business account. I did that and went from 1500 followers on my personal page to only 1 follower on the business page. Did this happen to you as well – did your follower count not migrate to the business page? BlessingsReply to Valentia
Hi Valentina, When I switched my Pinterest Profile to a business account I didn’t lose followers so I’m sorry that happened to you? That sounds odd? Do Pinterest marekting for 30 days to build your followers and engagement!Reply to Elna