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Increase Your Inbox Open Rates With My Double Dip Trick

It sucks doesn’t it?

You finally have subscribers and you faithfully send out a newsletter every week. But, what ends up happening?

Increase Your Inbox Open Rates With My Double Dip Trick

Less than half of your subscribers are actually opening up your emails. And what’s worse, even less are clicking through to your site to read your awesome tips on your blog.

What gives?

If you work from home and are interested in monetizing your blog, one of the first things you should do is to start an email list.


Well, when you have subscribers, you can start building a tribe of loyal followers. These are the people that will come to your blog time and time again, promote your content on social media and when the time comes, will be the first ones to buy what you are offering.

Now, not everyone on your list will be a strong lead, but your subscribers will be more likely to listen to what you have to offer.

Before we get into increasing your open rates, let me tell you a little bit about how I’m growing my list.

How I’m growing my list

If you notice on my site I have a header image with an optin form for people to sign up to my list. It’s changed over time but this is my main freebie or lead magnet.

As soon as you land on Twins Mommy, you immediately see what I’m offering.

So, how did I manage to snag 135 subscribers in less than two months?

With content upgrades!

These are extra freebies you can get within a blog post. Generally, they are related to the blog post topic, making it a much better incentive since you know people reading that blog post are interested in that topic.

Currently, I have three content upgrades (soon to be four) and I’m learning which ones have a higher conversion rate – this means which ones convert a visitor into a subscriber.


So I have a couple of options for creating a lead magnet:

  • Turn my highest converting freebie into a lead magnet
  • Create a lead magnet in the same topic area as my highest converting freebie
  • Create a library where newcomers can grab these resources

I’m thinking the latter, but not quite sure yet. Personally, I’m not always a big fan of a library of resources. Half the time, I only want one or two things that the blogger is offering.

But, keeping an eye on the conversion rate, I can see what people actually want and only put those guides and lists in a library.

Now on to open rates.

I have an okay time gaining subscribers in spite of not having a lead magnet, but I’ve been noticing my open rates weren’t the greatest as I gained more and more subscribers.


My highest open rate is 81% and my highest click rate is 21%.

But, if you look at my last campaign, my open rate was 57% and my clicks were 18%. That’s definitely not bad, but for such a small list, I’m thinking 60% or higher for an open rate is a better outcome.

Now, don’t get me wrong; as your list grows with more and more subscribers, less and less people will open your newsletters. It’s just a fact.

For me though, I’ve been having major issues with deliverability and tripping the spam filter.

Since my niche is basically how to earn an income online, email service providers typically deem this as spam and highly promotional. For example, here’s just a small list of spam trigger words:


Knowing this (now!) I’m making sure I don’t include many of these trigger words in my emails. I sure don’t want to end up in the spam or junk folder.

And if that isn’t bad enough, for most B2C lists, over 50% of your subscribers read their email on Gmail – so you have to deal with Gmail’s Promotions tab too.

Some things that can send your email to the Promotions tab are:

  • having too many images in your email (I’m sticking to one max)
  • having a header logo
  • having more than a few links (and the unsubscribe link counts as one)
  • using your email service provider’s templates (this is HUGE)

So yeah, going from my pretty designed emails with my logo and cute fonts, to now often no image and a plain bare-bones HTML email is helping me get my newsletter into my subscriber’s inbox.

But, I wanted to see if I could find a way to increase my open rate and click rate even more.

If you’re struggling to get a high open rate and click rate, keep reading for an awesome trick I started using!

Does This Happen to You?

I don’t’ know about you, but I belong to a lot of subscriptions from bloggers. Neil Patel to Melyssa Griffin to Caitlin Bacher, if a blogger has a good incentive, I’ll sign up for it.

For some subscriptions, though, I started to notice I would get the same email twice!

For example, Nesha Woolery re-sent this email to me with the little note in the beginning:

nehsa resend but doesn't have a link!


Could bloggers really do this? Re-send the same email to the subscribers that never opened it in the first place?

I thought this was genius, but there was one thing holding me back from doing this with my own list:

Subscribers may hate getting dupes and unsubscribe from my list.

For bloggers with 10,000 subscribers, losing 60 or 70 subscribers is nothing. But for me, that’s one too many!

My goal is to build my list with my target audience of mommy bloggers and other creatives. I definitely don’t want to annoy them, but at the same time, if they aren’t even opening my newsletter that I send out once a week, I want to make sure they get my email!

My Double Dip Trick

I have to make a little confession…this double dip trick really isn’t MY trick. My husband thought of it – he’s not just a pretty face you know 😉

Since I I know re-sending the same email to subscribers that didn’t open it the first time was a good idea – it made me open Nesha’s resend – I wanted to try it out with my list.

My husband didn’t think it was a good idea since he felt it would just confuse or annoy people. But, then he thought of an awesome way to lower that risk!

Want to know what that was?

It was the idea of giving the subscriber the option to opt-out of these resends.

Ingenious right?

If you are on my list, then you receive emails from me every Thursday. If you don’t open my Thursday email, I send you a weekend email (usually on Saturday).

This is what the weekend email looks like:


If you don’t want these weekend emails, just click the link. When you do, you go to a page that says this:


Isn’t that just a classier way to double dip?

Now, how has this improved my open rates?

This is only the second time I’ve done the double dip and each time I’ve had zero unsubscribes from my TwinsMommy list.

But, I’ve had the odd person opt-out of the resend which is awesome for me because otherwise, they may have unsubscribed because they think I’m annoying – which I’m not 🙂

That’s a major relief to me!

My latest double-dip email increased my open rate by a total of 11%.

10 percent or more open rate

My click-through rate isn’t bad either!

All in all I had a good chunk of people open my email and click and it didn’t annoy anyone because they had the choice to not receive those emails.

***happy dance***

And guess what? You can do this too.

Here’s How to Use the Double Dip Trick

I know a lot of bloggers are using ConvertKit. Especially, if you are serious about monetization.

Since I used CK for a bit and I know many bloggers are using it, this little tutorial will be for CK users only (NOTE: I will have another method to increase open rates for MailChimp users that isn’t soo complicated).


First things first, set up a “no resend” page on your blog, if you’re using WordPress (like me). This is the page subscribers are sent to if they don’t want your second mailing of the newsletter.

Then head on to CK.

Once you’re in CK, go to the Automations tab and then to add a new trigger for “clicks a link.”

From there you set your trigger and action parameters:


So, when a user clicks the link (you can call it “no resend”), it will take them to the no resend page destination.

Then tag the user as a no resend.

When the time comes to do the second mailing of your newsletter for the week (the resend) just exclude all subscribers with the tag “No resend,” or whatever you named it. Then change the email subject line so that it’s slightly different from your original email you sent.

Super simple and highly effective. Save the rule and there you go!

Did I Just Oust Myself to My List?

I hope people who are on my list and are reading this, and are thinking – this is an awesome new email strategy!

And what’s great bout this double dip is that it’s classy and non sleazy! I think it’s brilliant and so far – fingers crossed – it hasn’t resulted in ANY unsubscribes.

We are all mompreneurs in the making and email marketing is a good skill to have in your back pocket right?

I’m excited to grow my list and to help grow your list too. If you’re using ConvertKit, give this a try and tell me how it goes!

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I’ve tried this trick a few times now & it has definitely increased my open rates. I hadn’t thought about giving an option to opt out of resends though.Reply to Misty
Hey Misty! Yes, it totally does. I like this trick a lot!Reply to Elna
Hey Elna! Thanks for the advice! I am going to use this for my subscribers as well. Just starting to dable into convertkit and am excited to learn all the techniques!Reply to Jennifer
Hey Jennifer, That’s great! Enjoy!Reply to Elna
I appreciated this comprehensive blog. We just converted our year old parenting website to a blog site in the last five months. Our readership is stable but must expand. We have also expanded our blogging team to six writers this coming year. As a parent of twins, I thought you might be interested in the three twin books and the new parenting book I just published with other authors that are being promoted on our blog site at The books are also being sold on Amazon. Can you suggest where or who I can contact to market these books and receive book reviews?Reply to Mary
Thank you for this! I was completely out of ideas on how to reengage my current subscribers. Adding this page to my favorites so I don’t forget.Reply to Daisha
Hi Daisha, You’re welcome! So happy you found the double dip trick! I should use it more often, but I totally forget!! 🙂Reply to Elna
Hey Elna! I love that tip to just opt out of resends. Thank you for it. ?Reply to Deanna
Hey Deanna! Yeah and thanks. It’s a great way to get more open rates for sure!Reply to Elna
What a clever idea, Elna! My open rate is very small (20-30%) but my list is still tiny. I’m working on adding content upgrades in my posts, and a lead magnet – but still trying to figure out how to do all of that. I’m also with MailChimp – but I definitely want to switch, as soon as I can. I’m already paying for several things (buffer, canva, hosting, business email..etc etc), so I’m hoping by next month I’m able to afford an extra expense and go with ConvertKit. Love your posts, as always. 🙂 AleeReply to Alee
Alee! Thanks so much for commenting! I love your blog and I know you will kick ass with your content upgrades and freebie! MailChimp is awesome for new bloggers, but it is a challenge to create multiple freebies. That’s why I suggest to create a resource library and have every opt-in link to that resource library page to sign up! Good luck!Reply to Elna
Thanks Elna! 🙂 So with ConvertKit you have the option to see exactly who opens your emails and who doesn’t? I haven’t decided yet, but I was thinking of adding a lead magnet and content upgrades in my posts.. is it easy to do both of these with ConvertKit? I do plan on a resource library as well. Maybe I’m nuts to plan to do all of those things lol. We’ll see. I’m still learning about lead magnets, resource libraries, and content upgrades. AleeReply to Alee
Hey Alee, Let me just say, in order for me to do a content upgrade in my post using MC I needed my husbands help. But, doing a content upgrade or offering a freebie or doing a landing page with CK, I can do that by myself in a matter of minutes!Reply to Elna
I recently switched from MailChimp to MailerLite. Both have almost similar features and working. I would love to know how to do this on MailChimp or MailerLite. And your husband is truly ingenious.Reply to Shafi
Hey Shafi, I’ll see about writing a post about the tech side of it. It’s kinda challenging for new bloggers and that’s why I’m hesitant in creating a post like that. But there’s another way to increase your open rate that’s a bit easier to do with MC. Just haven’t gotten around to it yet!Reply to Elna
Ummmm amazin’ sauce! Great idea! I love this. Thanks for sharing this idea. I may have to try it!Reply to Becky
Hey Becky! So happy you like this post. Yes, and months later it still works. I just have to remember to SEND the resend 🙂Reply to Elna
Hey Elna! Just popping in quickly to let you know I tried this for the first time this week and it increased my open rate from 46.4% to a total of over 60% (and climbing) – woo hoo! What’s more is that there were 0 unsubscribers from the resend (which is something I was worried about). I slightly changed the email subject line & included a quick note at the top letting people know that they missed my earlier-in-the-week email & this was simply a resend. I’ve heard of doing this before – it was actually one of the reasons I transferred to ConvertKit – but sometimes it just takes a nudge from someone you trust to get your butt in gear and actually DO IT 😉 Thanks!Reply to Candis
That’s so awesome Candis. It totally is the same for me! I’m getting people to open the resend, click and not opt-out. Maybe less than 5 people wanted out of the resend. It’s pretty cool eh? It makes me think maybe if I send the email on the weekend rather then the resend I would get a higher open rate? But I don’t want to mess with a good thing just yet. Thanks for letting me know it’s working for you too.Reply to Elna
Great job on growing your list. What a great thing. Keep up the great work and live unstoppable!Reply to Rhonda
Hey Rhonda! Thanks so much. I love learning about email marketing and when I learned about the resend I was over the moon! And then when it worked! Holy bejezus! 🙂Reply to Elna
Great tips, Elna! Thanks for sharing your double dip, technique. 🙂 Another thing you can maybe try is to change up the content, title, etc. when you do a resend. Include some extra special tidbit or surprise.Reply to Leonardo
Hi Leonardo! Thanks for your tip. Yeah, I usually send my newsletter to my gmail account and see if it went to the Promotion tab or not. That helps me figure out if I need to change my subject! Learned that from Bryan Harris of Video Fruit!Reply to Elna
Great tip! Never thought of that. And, the twist your husband suggested is just so cool. Of a truth, email marketing is a skill one gets deeper and deeper into and still feels left out (somewhat). There’s so much to learn and experiment with. Thanks for sharing!Reply to Jane
Hi Jane, Thanks so much. My resend is going great and I haven’t lost any subscribers yet!Reply to Elna
Great tips! Newbie here: how do you design your own template to avoid ending up in Promotions tab? Thank you! I just launched two weeks ago. Signing up for your emails! Tanya http://www.myshoppingdiet.comReply to Tanya
Hi Tanya, You just want to strip out 99% of the MailChimp HTML code so your emails look like somebody emailed you from Gmail. Your emails will end up looking completely plain and styleless, but they do seem to be avoiding the Promotions tab, so far. 🙂 You’ll also want to verify your domain in MailChimp and set the DNS records they give you, to improve deliverability and so Gmail doesn’t add a “via” header. It’s a bit technical, I might do a post on it soon (with a video), there seems to be a lot of interest in MailChimp.Reply to Elna
This is so helpful! I am planning on starting a newsletter soon so this is good to know -Olivia Miss Olivia SaysReply to Olivia
Hi Olivia! That’s fantastic. So far on my end, everything is going great. People are opening up the re-sends and I’m getting more click throughs too.Reply to Elna
So much great info here! I have got to get my lead magnet/newsletter going. I’ve created a couple freebies, so I just have to make it a priority to get everything else set up. This double dip idea going to be so helpful when I get started. Thanks for sharing!Reply to Abby
Hi Abby! I know! I don’t have a lead magnet either! I’m so busy with life, taxes and my blogs – oh and my clients 🙂 – I just don’t have the time. Yes, the double dip is awesome. I rebroadcasted my newsletter on Saturday and no unsubscribes or opt-outs! So that’s good for me! Love your recipe for those cinnamon roll cupcakes. Gotta try them!Reply to Elna
I haven’t started a newsletter yet as I had originally just had people signing up through WordPress jet pack. Great double dip trick and I like the idea of offering to uncheck. Would be interesting to see how it plays out in the future!. Tori http://www.themamanurse.comReply to Tori
Hey Tori, So far, so good. I sent my rebroadcast on Saturday and no unusbscribes from my list. I’m excited about growing my list and seeing who my audience really is.Reply to Elna
I’ve done that a few times too – what I would do is choose to resend to people who hadn’t opened yet, and I would change the subject line so it didn’t look like the same email. I like the idea of letting people know it is a resend.Reply to Kelly
Hi Kelly! That’s great. Yes, you need to change the subject line so that it does affect your email sending. Good to know you’ve used this tactic. Have you found it effective in higher open rates?Reply to Elna
Hi Elna! Thanks for this! I saw your post on Melyssa’s FB group on the promo thread. You’ve got a new subscriber 😉 I was wondering what your thoughts are with ConvertKit btw. I have a small list and I was using MailChimp but I do like the features of CK, but was curious why you switched?Reply to Jayne
Hey Jayne, I’m in the process of switching but the main reason why I’m not going to use MC is it’s difficult to make content upgrades and for every subscriber I have that opts-in to other freebies I have, I end up paying for them twice. While CK seems to be the best option, there is the big downside of once a person unsubscribes from your list, they are unsubscribed from EVERYTHING. So for example, if they opt-in to your list with your lead magnet, then a content upgrade and then finally bought something and now are on your buyers list, if they decide to unsubscribe from your lead magnet, they are off your buyers list and all other lists. That’s because CK has one master list for everything. So, yeah, it’s a big decision I have to make!Reply to Elna
Hey Elna! Do you think “Triggers” will help solve this issue? I haven’t tested it yet, but do you think this would work? ( I was reading about it the other day. I’m not sure if this is something you’ve tried and it didn’t work or haven’t came across yet.Reply to Jayne
Hi Jayne, Yes, that’s the work around CK reccommends. You’re still going to have the legally required master unsubscribe link. You can try to rename it to unsubscribe everything or unsubscribe all and then rename your trigger link to unsubscribe from this course or unsubscribe from these updates. But, you can’t get rid of that master unsubscribe link. It’s still going to be there and people aren’t aren’t always going to understand what unsubscribe from this course means, and will probably click on unsubscribe all at least half the time. Not a bit problem, unless you have buyers who are unknowingly opting out of your list and not getting any communication from you. I noticed that Mariah Coz started adding some disclaimer at the end of her newsletters. I assume it was as a result of the problem we are discussing. It’s not a big deal overall, unless you’re planning on using the account for multiple domains (like I want to), that won’t really work for me. I have to buy multiple monthly accounts, but it’s not deterring me entirely from not using CK.Reply to Elna
Ah ok makes sense. Gosh so much to learn with this thing but I’m sure it’s so worth it lol. Yeah I would love to use it for two accounts but I don’t see that working well either. I think one will have to settle for MailChimp for now. Thanks so much for the input 🙂 <3
Well, your insight about how to avoid spam filters makes me feel better about the fact that I don’t know how to use templates or email headers or all that jazz 🙂 Plain and simple it is! Also, I love the double dip strategy. I’ll be bookmarking this for when I delve into more advanced emailing.Reply to Emily
Hi Emily! Ha that’s good to know 🙂 If you don’t do all that fancy stuff with emails, you should be fine 🙂 Happy to hear you’ll use this strategy once you take your marketing to the next level 🙂Reply to Elna
Hi Elna, This is an awesome tip. Now I understand the reason of your second mail last week (but as far as I remember, I had opened your Thursday’s mail, not sure though). Btw, it will be great if you write about how to create so many content upgrades on MailChimp. Is it possible with the free version?Reply to Sourav
Hi Sourav, Thanks! Yeah, I’m still ironing out the resend but if you don’t “open” your Thursday broadcast, I’ll resend it. If you are opening it, then just opt-out of the resend 🙂 Super easy. As for doing content upgrades in Mailchimp, you do need to pay and it’s totally not user friendly. That’s why a lot of people switch to ConvertKit for the ease of doing content upgrades. Thanks for stopping by!Reply to Elna
I found this so helpful Elna! Great tactic! I’ve used about four different email service providers in the last 10 years with my day job. Aweber is what I’m using now. I find there’s no perfect one! I did discover Benchmark on Twitter today. I noticed it’s free for the first 2,000 subscribers like MC. Their site and designs were beautiful so might be worth checking out when I launch a lead magnet for my side hustle site. I hear great things about Convertkit and Drip. Looking forward to more email marketing posts in the future!Reply to Michelle
Hey Michelle, Thanks for stopping by. I never heard of Benchmark. I’m more comfortable on ones I’m familiar with and so far it will either be Drip, Active Campaign or ConvertKit when I switch. Hopefully, everything will iron out on my end 🙂Reply to Elna
Great article! I never even thought to use those ideas. Love the buzz word matrix too!Reply to Ana
Hey Ana, Thanks so much. Email for me is my buzz word since I have lots of lists and I try so hard to get it in the inbox to my subscribers! It’s a pain in the butt sometimes when I write epic content and it only reaches barely 30% of my list! Grr…. Anyways, glad you can use these tips.Reply to Elna
Love this tip, Elna! Hey, how did you create that great mockup optin box “Grab my free checklist…” at the end of this post? Dying to know! SueReply to Sue
Thanks Sue! That image was made in Photoshop! I’m getting better at creating little images like that 🙂Reply to Elna
This is SUCH a useful tip! Brilliant and classy way to encouraging opens. Thank you for sharing!Reply to Lucy
Hey Lucy! Thanks so much. I know right? Some of my subscriptions I get dupes of the same email (just a new subject line) and I’m like, huh? It’s annoying to me. There’s no explanation that it is a resend either! With Nesha, I was excited to see that she told her list that it was a resend. At least that didn’t get me too annoyed, but I still felt that sending something like that would probably result in some unsubscribes. So I was happy when my hubby suggested the classy double dip 🙂Reply to Elna
Can I ask what you used for your opt-in forms? I’ve been on the hunt for what to use to create content upgrades but i’m a little lost. Love your site, it’s cute 🙂Reply to Ashley
Hi Ashley! Thanks so much. I’m currently using OptinMonster to create my content upgrade opt-in form. In the past I used Thrive Themes, but found OptinMonster to be better.Reply to Elna
A great explanation of your experience Elna! I’ve just started blogging and can’t afford to move over to ConvertKit yet. Hoping that when the time comes, it will be easy enough (she says…) Kudos to your husband – sometimes it helps to have that outside perspective when you’re so deep. Becca xReply to Rebecca
Hi Rebecca, I know what you mean. My husband seems to stop me from many things and gives me that outside perspective. Yes, I think ConvertKit is the best solution if you are serious about growing your list. I realize many new bloggers are starting with Mailchimp and oddly enough I’m still using it (but will move to Active Campaign or Drip or ConvertKit soon), but to do this level of customization is way too overwhelming for the average newbie blogger. That’s why I chose to use ConvertKit because it’s super simple. Anything with CK is pretty simple to set up 🙂Reply to Elna
Elna, I like your blog. You offer usable tips for us marketers. For my email list, I use the resource page or library – a tip I learned from Matthew Woodward (hope I remember ed his name correctly). The double-dip email strategy is interesting though I’m not sure if my subscribers will get too annoyed. I’ll keep it in mind though for possible future experimentation! Oh, I use GetResponse for my email list. Thanks for the tips!Reply to Karen
Hey Karen, Thanks! Yes the resource library I learned from Meylessa Griffin and it seems like a good option. I’ll have to think more about it. As for the double dip, I like how my husband thought of a non-annoying way to send a resend. Obviously most people didn’t open the first newsletter, so when getting the resend, they are alerted that it’s a resend BUT they can easily opt-out of these resends. So far I’ve had the odd one do that which is great b/c they are still on my list 🙂 It’s a win-win for both of us.Reply to Elna
Elna, I hadn’t thought (or read) about the “resend” alert to the subscribers. This makes it more appealing! I think I’ll give it a try. I find the resource library so much easier than offering multiple freebies through various opt-in offers. The library has everything in one place – this makes it so much easier when/if you have to revise or change your freebies. Everything is in one handy place – no searching for what your offered through which opt-in. And, it gives the subscribers more value and options – I love it!Reply to Karen
Hi Karen! That’s great and I totally agree with you about the content upgrade/freebies. Doing multiple of these is challenging especially if you’re using Mailchimp. But if I do end up dong a resource library, I’ll still update it with more content upgrades. That’s so good you let me know about the benefits of a resource library. It seems like a good fit for TwinsMommy!Reply to Elna
Wow! Really interesting idea Elna. I had thought of resending to unopens with a new subject title but didn’t want to annoy my readers, so this sounds like the perfect solution. And thank you too for your Pinterest and FB promo list. It’s SOooo useful. You’ve done a lot of work! Your twins must have long nap times 🙂Reply to Joanna
Hey Joanna! Thanks so much. And I apologize for sending a bad link in my first newsletter. Having twins will do that to you 🙂 Glad you liked the idea and go ahead and use it 🙂 Giving the option really helps in lowering the annoying factor I think. Oh and thanks. My twins usually nap for 2 hours and I tend to work late into the evening. I also type wicked fast 🙂 Good luck!Reply to Elna
Wow, I never thought about this! I’m a new blogger as well, that’s just struggling to even get my email subscriber list off the ground. I think I might try your content upgrade theory. Then maybe I’ll tackle the double dip theory… haha awesome read!Reply to Jessica
Hey Jessica! That’s great! Yes, getting your email subscriber up can be a challenge but then the whole thing becomes, why aren’t they freakin’ opening up my emails?? This becomes your focus and of course, click through rates. So happy to hear you’ll try this double dip trick in the future 🙂Reply to Elna
Really interesting. Thanks. I wondered how you did that! You say you use mailchimp? Is it a similar process to set up for mailchimp?Reply to Rachel
Hey Rachel, Doing it in MailChimp requires some coding skills. Thanks to my hubby I am able to have that option in MailChimp. I’m in the process of switching email service providers and so far ConvertKit seems to be the easiest for things like this. UPDATE The truth is, over the past few months I’ve been getting deep (too deep) into the inner workings of email marketing, both for client work and my own projects. I couldn’t find a single email sent by a blogger/solopreneur using a MailChimp template (even a slightly tweaked one) that DIDN’T go straight to the Gmail Promotions tab. It’s that bad – a 100% hit rate! If there’s interest in doing this with MailChimp, I’ll see what I can do, but for the average blogger ConvertKit or Drip is where it’s at.Reply to Elna
Wow. That’s scary. (But could explain a lot.) Can you tell us if/how other providers manage to stop their emails going to the Gmail promotions tab also?Reply to Rachel
Hi Rachel, In my experience, Drip mail always goes into the inbox 100%. Probably because they are a bit unknown for now. CK is around 80% inbox and Active Campaign is 50/50 ish. But, that’s from my experience 🙂Reply to Elna
I’d love to hear the MailChimp way!Reply to Rachel
Hey Rachel, I know a lot of new bloggers are using MailChimp and I’d figure people would want to know how. However, there are a tone of steps and you really need to know about grouping, segmenting and tags. But, I’ll do my best to see what I can come with as an easy DIY sheet and update my post to include this option.Reply to Elna
I’d love to know the MailChimp way too. I still get MailChimp for free and am not ready to upgrade to paying for email yet. Thanks very much!
Hey Rachel, I’m sorry to say but I don’t think I’ll be able to do the Maichimp version. My husband says too hard to explain. It’s going into linux and typing long complicated commands and inspecting the mysql database raw and it’s just too complicated its not user friendly at all. I’ll still try to convince him though 🙂