Struggling to Make a Blog Plan That Results in Consistent Income?

Start your blog with a solid plan

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I started blogging over six years ago and you want to know something crazy?

I didn’t have a blog plan!

It took me ten months to see a few bucks from my efforts.

It was until I created a sold blog plan that I made $2,000 the next month and more each and every month.

In fact, in one year, I earned $68,705 with affiliate marketing!

It All Starts With a Plan

In my Ultimate Blog Planner Kit, I give you a 30 page workbook with key aspects you need to pay attention to (and fill) if you want your blog and BUSINESS to succeed.

Your blog won’t rely on pinning 20 pins a day or focussing all your efforts on SEO and not emailing every day.

With my Ultimate Blog Planner Kit, you will see at a top level what you need to do to succeed.

It’s not overwhelming at all.

It’s clear and concise.

And it’s fillable online!

Here’s what you’ll find inside the guide

Once you add your name and email address to the form, you’ll be emailed my Ultimate Blog Planner Kit.

In the kit you will get:

  • Blog overview
  • Blog stats page
  • Weekly schedule
  • Blog post planning page
  • Plan my blog deep dive page
  • Blogging goals page
  • Monthly goal sheet
  • Blog set up page
  • Password tracker
  • Blog income tracker
  • Monthly budget tracker
  • Marketing tracker
  • Social media planner page

And, it’s all free!

A little about me

Hi! I’m Elna and I’m a mom of twins, a freelance writer for small businesses and a blogger to help other moms make money blogging! I love connecting with other bloggers, helping them find a profitable path in this blogging noise.