Struggling to build your blog and business during the summer?

Create a solid blog plan that won’t leave you guilty

Every summer I’m completely busy but I find that I can still grow my blog.

With my twins older we are going on road vacations or my twins are in sports camps.

This has equipped me with finding the BEST summer schedule for bloggers and content creators.

No need to feel guilty anymore!

With my Summer Biz Plan you get:

  • Email tasks
  • Blog tasks
  • Kid activities
  • Me/Faith tasks
  • Home tasks
  • and more

You don’t have to neglect your home or your blog or your kids this summer!

This plan allows you to go it at your own pace and to pick and choose what you want to focus on this summer!

So, grab this handy guide today!

How to use the Summer Biz Plan

The object of my Summer Biz Plan is to focus on the tiny tasks in your day.

If you can tackle a few during the fringe hours, you’ll feel much more productive than thinking of the BIG PICTURE.

As an example, in the morning I focus on three small tasks and one longer tasks.

Then it’s lunch and in the afternoon I take the twins out like to the pool or to play golf.

When I get home, I prep dinner and in between cooking and prepping, I may focus on 2 more tiny tasks.

Then when the twins are in bed I can focus on 2 more tiny tasks and look at that – 8 tasks in one summer day! Yay!

So, it’s possible even if you don’t have help with child care or you’re a single mom.

Do what you can! If all you can do is ONE tiny task a day, that is ONE day closer to your goal.

You got this mama!